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Electronic gaming is something worth to know about nowadays. Because from day to day it changes dramatically, building a new big budget industry by having such a nice provider, like the Mobilots casino software developers. These guys know for sure what their clients want to get from online projects. They are always trying to build something new, by adding exciting projects for the industry.

Mobilots casino games are something fresh to the world of gaming. This is an active company with the great history of creating projects and more than seventy-five years of experience. That’s not shocking, considering how many time they dedicated just to create a perfect team that would work hard enough to produce online software that would work on any platform, anytime it will be needed.

Creative graphic designers are always working on making something new for Mobilots casino projects. They have a portfolio full of projects. If the player looks closer, it won’t be hard to find more than twenty projects that are built with the help of three-dimensional graphics. In order to produce high-quality products, the developers used HTML 5 technology. It also means that players will have no problems with enjoying these games on a personal computer, as well as on mobile devices, like smartphones or tablets.

Maybe the Mobilots casino developers are not new to the online market, but their casino games are still worth to be played. They built a great reputation by simply going deep in the process of creating special features that the gamer won’t find in any other game nowadays. By searching some projects from the developers, clients can be sure that they will get really great entertainment.

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What projects deserve the most attention?

There are totally more than twenty Mobilots casino games. They are listed on the official website of the company. But there are a couple of them that have made the name of the provider well-known among different kinds of players.

The best project from Mobilots casino developers is the Pinata Pop slot. This product has five reels and over thirty paying lines with a possibility to play a bonus game.

It’s easy to find some great games on BingoFest Casino website. This online resource contains every project from the well-known company as of 2018. This resource contains the instant-play casino, mobile gaming adaptation and live-chat that is available for twenty-four hours per day. While the player uses this website, there are going to be no problems with security. In order to make it possible, the website uses the SSL encryption. The only drawback that the site has is the restriction for a couple of countries. There is also no live casino available.

There are many projects that the player should pay attention to. For example, Cupid’s Arrow, Unicorns, Candy Ca$h, Jolly Gingerbread. Developers of Mobilots casino projects are also working on providing a good way on how to play games that are themed for specific events, like Halloween or Christmas. It’s easy to find a full list of games right on the official website of the provider. It is available online, so there are going to be no problems with finding them.

What makes games so special?

The creators of Mobilots casino projects are working on making their projects as unique as it is possible. That’s why their products have open software architecture. What does it mean for gamers? Games are going to be adapted in order to fulfill all the needs of the user. It is possible to edit all elements of the gaming process when it comes to represent projects on a specific website of different countries. It won’t be a problem to translate all types of instructions in the game’s HUD.

Mobilots casino projects have “Plug & Play” API. This is a special soft for developers to easily integrate games from the company to their platforms without doing anything special about it. All projects are going to be represented online without any troubles in the process of integration. All projects are available to play with the host from a third-party site. It means even less space is going to be taken in the process of representing projects on the website.

The Mobilots developers started with video slots. They are always trying to find new ways on how to get attention from the wide audience of players. That’s why there are so many types of themes that are represented in their products.

All Mobilots casino projects are available online on all platforms. It doesn’t matter what type of device the player is going to use for playing, the representation of projects is going to be on the same high level of quality. Even if a smartphone or a tablet has a small screen size, it doesn’t mean, they are going to show minimalized image of the game’s graphics. All projects are going to be presented with three-dimensional visuals. Designers did their best to make sure that graphics in all types of projects are going to look phenomenal, no matter on which device the player is going to open it up online. Even controls are very well optimized with the power of on-screen touch-commands. They are represented in the way that all gamers are going to play intuitively.


If the player has nothing to do in the evening and wants to find some entertainment online, then Mobilots casino projects are going to be the perfect choice. It’s not hard for the gamer to see why games from this company have become so popular among all types of players. It may look simple from the side, but all projects from the developers are available online for one reason – to make sure that all gamers are going to be able to play them.

All of them are working with the power of open software architecture and are adapted to all sorts of displays. It’s up to player whether to use real money or just play for fun without wasting dollars on making spins. With a very high “Real to Player” coefficient and a big variety of opportunities, the player is able to get a real profit out of playing games from this studio. But what is more important – it’s not hard for website holders to integrate games from the developer to those platforms that already exist.

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