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Vodafon Cash Card Deposit Casinos Methods

Vodafon Cash Card is the kind of payment method that makes life much easier. It was created for users from Egypt. Because of the fact that this is a well-known provider of cellular data and mobile connection, it has become very popular among gamers, as there are some limits to the use of standard credit and debit cards with casino games companies, which means that the player should look for alternative ways to make operations and deposits. And this service is exactly what you have been looking for.

You will need to start from the beginning – signing up. In order to become a member of this financial community, the player should visit any local branch of the system and register an account with the use of a personal ID card. As you may know, there is a rule that the person can have only one SIM-card that will be connected to the passport. Remember that and do not try to break the law.

After a registration process, the player will become a member of this system and receive an access to a personal cabinet on the site. It means all benefits of the method will be open for the user.

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Vodafon Cash Card – what to do next?

After registration will be completed, the player will receive a text message on the phone number. The player will have to create a unique PIN-code to sign in to the system with the help of it and withdraw cash whenever it will be needed.

If the user thinks that it can be a little tricky to use this service on regular basis – then it is better to download an official application for Android or iOS. It contains everything the gamer needs and it will not take long for the player to start using it.

The gamer will have many ways on how to make a deposit with the help of this method. It is possible to make it with the help of standard Visa or MasterCard system cards by sending cash directly to the profile of the service.

However, the player can also do that with the help of offline methods. For example, by simply buying a pre-paid card in local stores. It will include digital codes that need to be redeemed by the player and then it will help to get cash without wasting money on paying fees.

With the help of this service, the gamer can not only pay for bets in favorite casino games, but also buy stuff online, donate real money or order some food. There are no limits to your fantasy.

Besides, creators are always working on creating something new for this system. That is why it is so important to look up to news over the service. Updates are coming from day to day, so it is a little bit hard to check them all. But more functions are going to be add in the future, so be sure to sign up for email notifications.

The only disadvantage – a regular user has a little limitation over the amount of money that can be operated within a transfer.


This service was created powerful enough to create an opportunity to solve millions of problems with modern games. Be sure to become a part of this super powerful service.

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