Vanilla Deposit Casinos Methods

Vanilla is the payment method that was created specifically for Canadian users. The main objective for this service was providing of the best possible way to make deposits online in casino games. That is because there are some limitations to standard credit and debit cards. They cannot be used directly in such projects, because operations may be declined. That is why gamers should look for alternative ways to pay for bets in their favorite projects from the web.
However, it is not hard to figure out how this thing works. There is even a manual with all instructions. The player can find it on the official website of this service. Besides, you will need to go to this site in order to sign up through it.
The user should do that, because no operations are going to be possible without it. However, the gamer will also need to connect his or her account from any local bank, as the system will need some information over the user. So be prepared to enter a couple of details, such as your real name, surname, address, etc.

Nevertheless, do not worry about safety. The creators of the method used the best possible technologies just to make sure that info over operations is going to be encrypted. The player will be the only person that is going to have an access to it.

Vanilla – change the way you think

To make a deposit with this method, the player can use a couple of ways. The most common one is Visa or MasterCard system. It means that you will transfer cash from the bank right to your profile in this service. Before the operation will end up successfully, it will require a special PIN-code sent right on the phone number in order to make sure that it was requested by the owner of the account.
But the player can make a deposit another way – with the help of pre-paid cards. It means that the gamer needs to go a local store and find a voucher with a code. After choosing the card with the amount of cash in the range from 25 to 250 dollars, the gamer will be able to activate the code on the site of the method and get a needed amount of cash right on the profile.
It is easy to find a casino company that works with this method, as it is very popular among the gaming community. However, the main disadvantage is that it is limited only to be used by gamers from Canada.
The player will have no problems with understanding how it all works, because there are tons of guides all over the internet. But the great news is that the gamer will not be limited in ways to interact with the service. There is an official application for Android and iOS, which means that the player can install it on a smartphone or a tablet and it will help to make operations anytime, anywhere.


The name of the service perfectly describes what it is, as no one will have problems with figuring how it works. It is super simple and yet it has everything you need. But the point is, as of right now, not all games can work with this method. However, there are more to come in the future.