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Welcome to not that new, but already a well-known company on the market – UTEL. And the first thing that we should notice is that this is not a banking system at all, as well as this is not an independent payment system. It is simply a mobile operator that can offer people a little bit more than just paying for mobile connection. With UTEL, you may easily send money via your phone and pay for goods and services that you need. During last years, this company faced great changes and became a payment system of the third generation. People may easily use it, but there is a certain problem as well.

UTEL is a product of the UkrTelecom company and only people from Ukraine can use this payment method. There are no tariffs for users from other countries and this fact already makes UTEL not that comfortable to use. But still, people from Ukraine can simply start paying for goods and services using their mobile phones. You have to use no credit or debit card if you want to send money – just enter a special code given by the system and it will take off your mobile account a certain amount of money that you will be able to send to the bank account of the recipient.

To start using the system, you have to check out whether the online casino that you have chosen can support this payment method or not. Only if the online casino supports it, you may start paying for video slot games with the UTEL system. Despite the fact that this is a local payment system and it will hardly be interesting for people from all over the world, it also has a wide range of advantages.

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Advantages and Disadvantages

One of the strongest and the most important advantages of this payment system is that it is already well-known and honorable on the market. People know how to use it and everyone heard about it – this is the fact that can make people trust this payment system a lot!

The second advantage is that users of UTEL will not have to pay any additional price for a transaction. Paying money for goods and services that they have chosen will be absolutely cheap and easy. However, this is still not a perfect payment method. Among the most important disadvantages of it, we have to mention that this payment system can offer people only local transactions.

Moreover, gambling on the territory of the country where UTEL works is forbidden and that is why there is no sense in paying with UTEL for gambling on bright video slot machines. Furthermore, there are many companies on the market that can offer people to pay for services and goods through a mobile phone quicker and more comfortable, for example – Apple Pay. Finally, we have to mention that UTEL is an interesting and comfortable to use service, but still it is not the best variant of a payment system for gamblers.


Smart gambling can be not only profitable, but also pleasant. To get real pleasure spinning reels playing the brightest video slot games, you have to choose only those payment systems that you understand and trust! UTEL can become one of them – check it out!

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