Univoucher Deposit Casinos Methods

A voucher is your lucky ticket to the world of gambling! This is the safest and the most traditional payment method that we can find! Vouchers can be used by you or by your friends and relatives. No one will find out a thing about your transaction as well as you need to fill in no personal information. So what is a voucher and what is specific of this payment system? First of all, it works as a pre-paid card. You do not need to complete registration on the website of the payment system, as well as you do not have to waste your time on going to the bank office. Simply enter the website of the banking system and choose one voucher of those that are offered on the website. There are several possible vouchers – on certain amounts of money. You may choose a voucher on 10, 20, 50, 100 or 200 coins. There are five possible currencies available in the system and you may choose any voucher you need to pay for chosen goods and services. However, you should always count money as well as you cannot charge the voucher and you will have to waste all money that you have on it. It is not enough simply to buy a voucher – you have to wait until it will be activated.

Activation of the voucher will take you two business days. In 48 hours, your voucher will be ready to use and you will be able to start paying for the best video slot games. After the activation of the voucher, you will have to use it in 30 days or it will be deactivated. The price of the voucher will not be the same with the amount of money you have on it. You will have to pay more, as you are using banking system services. However, a voucher is an international payment method and you may use it all over the world with no limits. Paying with a voucher is easy and quick. Everything you have to do is to enter a code on the website and you will be able to send money in several seconds.

Advantages and Disadvantages

The most important advantage of this payment system is that you do not need to enter your private information on the website. You may buy a voucher with no registration and no odd moves. It will take you only several seconds to buy a voucher and pay with it. One more positive side of the system is that you may use it all over the world and choose one of five offered currencies to pay in a comfortable way. Moreover, this is a great payment system as well as you have to do nothing complicated using it and there is a wide range of vouchers on different sums offered on the website. However, this is not a perfect payment system, as well as you will have to count money all the time. By the way, the voucher system works like a pre-payed card with no chance to waste more or less paying in the best online casinos. After all, you will have to wait for two business days until your voucher will be activated. Moreover, you have a time limit – 30 days – to use the voucher and pay for the chosen video slot games.


Univoucher is exactly the payment method you will be happy to use! It is simple to get, simple to use and easy to send money with it to the chosen online casino!