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Redpagos (by Neteller) Deposit Casinos Methods

To play at online casinos for real money, you should complete a registration procedure that, as a rule, does not take more than 5 minutes. You must specify your real name, last name, date of birth, gender, email address and click a button below. On the second page, enter address of residence, select your country, city, state, indicate index, and write a mobile number.

Then, click the Next button and find yourself on the third page of the registration form where you should enter a complicated password, select currency from the list of available ones, enter a coupon, if any, select a secret question that you may need when password recovery and enter a response to it, then tick “I agree with the terms of the agreement and privacy policy” and click Create.

If you want, you can receive notifications of new promotions and programs from a casino to your electronic mailbox or mobile phone by ticking corresponding items. After this, you will be assigned a random username and a casino lobby will open. To replenish a deposit, choose one of allowed payment methods. You can use, for example, Redpagos (by Neteller).

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Redpagos (by Neteller): money for gaming machines from a proven payment system

Redpagos is network of payments and collection centers in Uruguay that includes more than 150 stores in Montevideo and more than 100 stores in other regions. It started operating in 2001 after an agreement between several exchange houses.

In addition to money exchange, Redpagos offers services, such as bill payments from UTE, Antel, OSE or another company, salary and retirement payments, tax payments, money withdrawals, money orders, collectives, horse betting, recharge of balance of cell phones, and purchase of tickets for sports and artistic shows. Several of these services are offered in conjunction with Red UTS, MoneyGram, RedBrou, More and TickAntel.

On its first stage, it set up different exchange houses in Montevideo and interior of the country in order to strengthen a network of collection, payment, remittance and sale of other annexed services to all public and private institutions (credit cards). Credit, insurance and other financial services in general are joined by computer support created especially for this utility. At the beginning, this network was composed of more than 65 commercial premises (47 in Montevideo and the rest in interior) proposing a series of additional advantages compared with other collection networks.

How to use the Redpagos (by Neteller) system online?

As in any other system, the use of Redpagos (by Neteller) begins with a free registration on the official website. It takes less than a minute to create an account. Registration consists of three stages of filling in personal information in special tabs:

  • Your e-mail, password and the choice of convenient currency.
  • Personal information containing the date of birth, a place of residence, etc.
  • After completing a registration process, you confirm a creation of a personal account with an ability to use it.

There are three user statuses: Standard, Enhanced and Premier. The difference between them is defined in cash limits: Standard status allows a limit of up to $ 1,900, the limit of the amount of Enhanced status is ten times greater, that is, $ 19,000 and, finally, Premier will allow you to transfer and withdraw your funds in the amount up to $ 48,000.

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