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Privat24 it is a local payment system that can help people complete instant transactions and pay money right from their bank accounts to the online casino. Privat24 is a mobile application that was created by Privat Bank especially for the smart users of the system. This is a mostly Ukrainian payment system, but people from other countries may also use it if they want. There is nothing complicated that needs to be done if you want to start using Privat24.

The first step is to order a Privat Bank card. It may be a pre-payed card, debit or credit card with different limit. After you have ordered a card, you may easily go to the office of Privat Bank or ask to help you with the installation of the application online. It is an easy application, and you don’t need to have much free space on your smartphone to install it.

The application can be installed easily right from the store. In this application you will be able to see all Privat Banks – there is chance to order a card in a local currency and in euro as well. You may see all transactions made through the card in this mobile application.

Moreover, you will be able to ask for a full analysis of fund wastes and incomes. To enter the system, you won’t have to do something complicated. Just put your finger on the screen of your smartphone and application will open automatically. Other way to access it is to enter a password of the account. With this application you can send money whenever you want in several minutes with no additional fee. Transactions will take you only several minutes.

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Advantages and Disadvantages

The first advantage of this payment system is that this is a governmental banking system that has really high security level, so your private information will always be safe. No one will know a thing about the transactions. The second advantage of this payment system is that you can easily get an access to the system. You won’t have to log in the account using a complicated password. Just press your finger and the system will read your prints automatically. Easy to use system can make gambling even more pleasant.

One more advantage of this payment system is that you may send money whenever you want with no additional payment. The same thing is that it will take you only several minutes to send money whenever you need.

However, this is still not a perfect payment system. The first disadvantage that people will notice for sure is that you have to waste time on the registration before using the system. The second thing is the fact that you may never be sure that government won’t check out your private data.

One more thing, it is mostly a local payment system and it is popular on the territory of the certain country – it may make this system not that popular in the other world.


We can recommend people to use this system if they prefer gambling with European online casinos and have to pay in euro currency for the favorite video slot games. This is a safe and profitable payment system to use. Check this mobile application yourself and you will get even more pleasure gambling with favorite video slot games on real money.

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