Prepaid Gift Card Deposit Casinos Methods

For those who prefer online shopping to anything else, and would like to handle all their currency online, if they are also online casino gamblers, there are a lot of opportunities if talking about various payment methods. If you would like to hide your actual banking details and interested in one-way purchases, you should choose pre-paid gift cards. If comparing them to the gift cards, the main difference is the fact that gift cards cannot be topped-up at all, while some pre-paid cards can. Aside from that, gift cards are sort of e-vouchers with digital code that you have to provide at online casino during the deposit step as a grant that you have submitted your funds, and they can claim it using the code you have given them. Once such pre-paid gift card is obtained, you receive a voucher with a code. After you submitting the code to the online casino, they receive your funds and you are ready for the game.

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Pre-paid gift cards Advantages

As for strong sides, pre-paid gift cards are usually fast. All you need to do is register at a service that provides them, purchase such voucher, and then it will be sent to you via email. Once it is done, you are free to use it either for online shopping, or for online casino you would like to play at. The second point is the fact that such option helps you to hide your actual banking details. Due to this fact, all you need to provide is the voucher code without anything else asked. The third point is little fees or even no fees at all, which is also great.

Pre-paid gift cards Disadvantages

As for drawbacks, they are connected to the gift card system in general. From the start, usual amount of deposit you can do with pre-paid gift card is limited to $300 in the best case, while, most likely, the biggest sum you can deposit through it is no more than $100 per one purchase. The second point is there is no way to choose such option as a withdrawal, since, again, the payback usually strives to be automatic, while pre-paid gift cards require user interaction during the process. Thus, for payout stage it will be necessary to find any other way. As for the third point, pre-paid cards cannot be used world-widely, and, mostly they are connected to a certain country, which means there are no universal pre-paid gift cards that can work out everywhere and anytime.


Being simple and fast in its core, pre-paid gift cards are the best choice for those who just want to try out an online casino and place a little bet simply to start and see if they really would like to continue gambling, or to drop it once and for all. Due to their little capacity and being region-bind, usually users are ought to find any other way for both deposit and withdrawal methods for long and comfortable playthrough. Still, if you are one of those who like one-time purchases and tend to stay anonymous without providing any actual details to the online casino, you can choose this payment method since it covers all you needs in case of short and engaging online gambling session.