Prepaid Cards Deposit Casinos Methods

Among various ways to make a deposit in an online casino you would like to play at, it is hard to pick the best choice which is both fast, efficient, fees-free (or contains a little fee, at least), and contains your anonymity simultaneously. If you are looking for such method, one of the most obvious answers for you may be pre-paid card vouchers, or simply pre-paid cards. Being provided by a lot of various companies since 2000, nowadays there are a lot of ways to obtain such and use it further for the sake of pure joy from online real money gambling without interruption of the gameplay itself.

Pre-paid cards Advantages

The most obvious advantage from such method is, actually, you are not required to register at any additional resource, and all you have to do is to purchase such card either online or obtain its physical copy from your local retailer.

Once this step is done, you are free to use the sum on it which usually equals to its price in order to make further online bets and any other online shopping, depending on a region you are living at. The second point is anonymity. Using pre-paid card means you will not be asked about any actual banking credentials except those are required for pre-paid card usage. The third point is speed. Transactions are made through such cards usually fast and are performed within a glimpse.

Pre-paid cards Disadvantages

As for drawbacks, they come from its core. From the start, most likely it will be impossible to use such method for money withdrawal, which means it will be required to find any other way to take out all you have won. The second point is that usually pre-paid cards contain fixed stated sum equal to their price, which usually means there will be no way to top-up card balance once you obtain it. Thus, this is a one-way ticket: first, you invest your funds into this card, and then you send it to the online casino. Once the card is run out of funds, it is usually useless, and it will be required to purchase a new one in order to use this method further. Third drawback is the fact that such cards are region-dependent: each set of countries have their own pre-paid card providers with their own policies and terms of usage, and most likely one card can be used within one region and useless within the borders of another.


Pre-paid cards are a good method for those who do not like e-wallets and have difficulties with direct bank transfers, or prefer to hide their actual information from online casinos for their own reasons. Being simple in its core, such cards are quite effective for instant purchases since nowadays most companies provide you with an opportunity to obtain such things without a need of going into real world and obtain it from retailers. Since usually pre-paid cards require no deposit fee, it is a good point for those who like fair play and want to place the exact bet they want to make, without any additional costs. Yet, being bind to certain regions makes them difficult for world-wide usage, and, most likely, they are suitable for European users, while gamblers from the US are better to find another payment method for this.