Poli (by Skrill) Deposit Casinos Methods

There are a lot of various payment methods that help gamblers for both deposit of their first bets and for withdrawal of overall payouts.
Needless to say, it is hard to find a convenient one without a proper guide, especially, if everything you know about an offered system is its name. Thus, if you feel yourself lost and wondering, which one may be the best, from the start you can check out such system as POLi via Skrill e-commerce service. For the better understanding of such method, it is required to state that both Poli and Skrill are two different companies which offer stand-alone sets of services. Yet, since Skrill itself is done in a way of universal payment method for everything, it offers integration of other, less known systems, which can process their payouts through it.

POLi (by Skrill) Advantages

From the very beginning, it is required to mention the special features of Poli itself. First of all, POLi is fast. All you need to do for processing the payment is your actual banking account or credentials from your credit card. Once you have them, feel free to state the sum you are willing to deposit, and fill in the asked form. After these steps are processed and the bet is placed – the game can start. In case of POLi is combined with Skrill, the process is the same, with one exception: everything is done through Skrill engine, along with an opportunity to use Skrill user’s benefits, if you have an account with that system, which means, if you are Skrill user, you can choose this payment method, and go with POLi there.

POLi (by Skrill) Disadvantages

As for drawbacks of such method, here they are. First of all, not all companies may accept POLi as a payment method from the start. The second thing is POLi system may be asked for certain fees depending on a casino you are playing at. The third point is the fact you have to disclose your personal details, which can be harmful for some of online casino users.


To sum everything up, POLi (by Skrill) is a good option for those who already use Skrill and would like to have most of raw POLi disadvantages to be removed. This method itself is really fast and helpful for a lot of users. Secondly, Skrill itself is widely accepted within majority of modern online casinos, which means, if POLi itself may be declined, you can simply go on with any other method presented within Skrill system. Along with that, POLi (by Skrill) can be also used during withdrawal, which may be also helpful for the users who do not want to use different payment methods for deposit and withdrawal steps. Thus, to put everything mentioned above into attention, and if you are good with the terms of usage, such method suits you best if you are the beginner and are not sure from which payment method you are willing to start your entrance to the big world of various online casinos. Being fast and secured, this method provides effective and fees-free transactions all over the world and is recognized and supported within the majority of various online casinos nowadays.