Payr Deposit Casinos Methods

There are a lot of services that provide you with an e-wallet feature, and it is hard to find any good alternative to already well-known titans.
Yet, for those online casino gamblers who cannot use them, there is a solution named Payr.
What is good about Payr is the fact that this payment method almost does not ask you about any data except your credit card and engages you to start an anonymous online banking right from its main page.
Being easy to use and accepting Visa credit and debit cards, it has a user-friendly interface and performs fast transactions all around the world.
All you have to do there is just to register a Payr account, and here you go, feel free to place your bet and start the game.

Barbados Casino

100% Up To €200 +100 FS
Amaya (Chartwell), Elk Studios, Evolution Gaming
Deposit Methods
Bancontact/Mister Cash, Bank Wire Transfer, Boleto
Restricted Countries
Afghanistan, Aland Islands, Algeria, Angola
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Payr Advantages

First of all, Payr allows you to purchase a virtual Visa card instead of a real one, which is a good way to start anonymous banking.
Secondly, these cards act like pre-paid ones, which means the amount of currency on the card is equal to its price.
The third point is the fact that Payr cards currently have no fees, which means you deposit the exact sum you would like to place, and no more.
Another good point is the fact you can top-up Payr card with one currency, and, if you have to pay in another, the system will automatically convert it into the required one.
Payr Disadvantages
As for drawbacks, they come from the system core.
From the start, once you have purchased a Payr card, you have 48 hours to use it until it expires, which means you have to spend all the money you have invested in order not to lose it.
Secondly, Payr Visa cards act like pre-paid cards, which means there will be no option to go with a withdrawal process in this way.
The third point is that currently Payr cards cannot be revived. Once the card expires, it is required to purchase another one instead of restarting. This drawback will be fixed soon, though.


To draw a finish line, Payr card is a good way to be used where Visa credit and debit cards are accepted, which means this system is quite universal, comparing to other pre-paid card companies.
Being accepted within the majority of European countries and, along with that, within the United States, it may be one of the best picks for those who do not want to disclose their private information and do not want to handle a plenty of various e-wallets for online gambling needs.
On the top of that, Payr is fee-free and transparent, which means you control all money you invested in it and know where and how they go.
Aside from that, it is both fast and secure, which means you do not have to wait long until the transaction is completed, and nothing will disturb you while the game flow.
Still, though, it will be required to find any other way for a payback process, since Payr cards cannot be topped-up at third-party services, and their overall life-time is too short to be perfect for now.
Yet, the project itself is young, and it is evolving constantly, which means in future it may become really one of the best ways to handle your online money not only for gaming, yet, for real anonymous online banking once and for all.