PayKasa Deposit Casinos Methods

PayKasa is an online voucher you may easily order online with no odd moves. To start using PayKasa and forget about any difficulties, there is nothing complicated needed to be done. Just enter the PayKasa website and press “Buy PayKasa”. It will take you only several minutes to buy an online voucher. This is an online payment system so you do not have to wait for the voucher delivery long. You may start using it right from the moment you have ordered it. It will take you only several minutes to start paying for bright video slot games since the moment you have ordered a voucher. What is online voucher? It is a kind of an online credit card that is not given to the client in the real life. This voucher exists only in the Internet and this is why your money will never be stolen. You may buy a voucher for a certain sum and only this sum can be paid. You cannot charge your voucher or send money on it, but you may buy vouchers one by one online. PayKasa is an international payment system that can be used in any point of the world with no limits. A minimum sum for one voucher is 10 euros. All vouchers are available only in euro currency and there is no other available currency for the payment system. There are several vouchers available.

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113% Up To $845
1x2Gaming, Betconstruct, Betsoft
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Accent Pay, AirPay, ApcoPay
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The first one is a voucher for ten euros only, the second type of vouchers is a card with 20 euros, cards for 40 euros, 100 euros and 150 euros are also available. People cannot choose other amount of money, only these vouchers can be used. It will take you only several seconds to send money from your voucher to the bank account of the online casino you have chosen to play at.

Advantages and Disadvantages

We can consider the system of fixed price vouchers being one of the greatest advantages and one of the strongest disadvantages at the same time. It depends on the client. On one hand, it is great that you do not have to count money for a long time, there is a need just to choose an optimal amount of money you are going to waste and pay for the best video slot games with the voucher. On the other hand, this is not that comfortable, as you might not need that much money and it would be better to choose the amount of money you are going to waste on a favorite video slot game. However, there is one more advantage of this payment system – you will need to wait only for several minutes until the transaction will be complete. Moreover, the voucher can let you pay with no cash. Just use online banking and keep on gambling with the best online casinos. At the same time, this is a payment system offering innovative security. Your private information will always be safe with PayKasa. Never worry about transactions and bank accounts. However, this is not that ideal payment method, as not all online casinos may support it – check this information out before to start gambling with the world’s best online casinos.


An online voucher is a very fashionable payment method in the modern world of gambling – you may choose it for sure if you want to be both smart and active playing favorite video slot games for real money!