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PayAnyWay is another modern payment method that can be used in the Russian Federation only. This is a local payment system that was created especially for Internet-shops and stores in Russia. The online banking system offers small companies to accept transactions online and to quickly complete a full analysis of wastes and incomes. This is your new economist in one application. However, this is not only a payment method for gamblers who just want to pay for favorite video slot games. First of all, this is too serious system that offers people not just send and get money, but to count money and make a deep analysis.

Moreover, there are many interesting offers for commercial institutions and companies. So it will be better to join PayAnyWay for those who decided to gamble professionally and make it not just a hobby, but a serious income. To start working with PayAnyWay, people have to do nothing complicated. Just complete a registration on the website of the system and enter all needed personal data. After having filled in fields with needed information, you will get your account activated automatically.

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Advantages and Disadvantages

The first advantage of the system is that the developers of the PayAnyWay application succeed in putting all banking system in one application. People will get a quick full analysis of wastes and income during a set period of time, payments via SMS and online messengers, clients of the system may send transactions via terminals, credit cards, ATM machines and other available methods, a complete analysis of every transaction and an activate innovative security system every time during the analysis, so it is absolutely impossible to get into trouble with this payment system. Moreover, you may easily start working with it in several seconds.

However, this is a payment system that is far from an ideal one. The first disadvantage that we have found is a need to pay additionally for all services and features that this system may offer. There are two tariffs: the first one is for online shops and the second ones is for business organizations. For AndroidPay, payments via a credit card and other innovative payment methods, people will have to pay 2,7% on a transaction. For online banking, you will have to pay 2,9% on a transaction, for special support of clients of internet shops – 2,9% monthly, electronic money will cost you from 2,5% on a transaction or even more, SMS payments will cost you either 4% or 7% on a transaction.

By the way, only people who live in the Russian Federation can use this payment method. And this is rather a corporate payment system for business organizations than just an ordinary payment method for people who want to play favorite video slot games.


Use not only safe and innovative payment methods, but also those that are widely supported with online casinos and have special offers for gamblers. Check out PayAnyWay more attentively, maybe you will find it useful.

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