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Our parents and grandparents in many countries still remember those papers that were a source of a great pleasure, because only by taking this little piece of paper to a local bank, they could exchange it for real money. Of course, we are talking about bank checks. Some people still send paper checks via prioritized mail companies, but that seems to be a little outdated when you find out that you can actually use online checks for transferring payments right to your casino account. What is especially good about them is that you do not have to wait a few business days (from 9 to 5) to get your money sent to your beneficiary bank that is required to receive the transaction and only then to let you know that your account is credited. That would take up too much time and no real gambler wants to wait for so long when all amazing opportunities for winning colossal sums of money are going their way.
You should consider this method of payment especially if you live in the USA. Otherwise, local banks may not offer the service of providing either online or paper checks at all.

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However, in America, this tradition is still alive and many old-school gamblers still prefer to prefer it to all the modern electronic wallets. However, they also should consider that an electronic check makes up for quick and easy payments, which in return, makes for a great gambling experience in real time.

Online Checks Benefits and Downfalls

Before signing an online check, you will need to enter your financial and personal information into the fields required for filling out. Nothing new here, it happens just like when you sign a real paper check. But it also can be counted as a downside to this method because of a few reasons. First, you have to spend some time remembering this information, maybe even looking up for it and that is not a secure practice especially if you are doing it out of your home. You spend time on it and this is not really safe. Comparing with instant payment options, these checks are more difficult to use because the instant payment service leads you through a secure protocol where all information is already input and you are logging into your official bank account’s digital wallet. That is why all you have to enter in that case is some details about the payment and one-off security code.
The benefit to this method is that it happens instantly, unlike most paper checks that you would have to wait for ages to get through a regular mail. In addition, the advantage is that you operate directly your official bank account and you do not have any intermediaries to deal with as you proceed, which is also safe and cost-efficient to some extent.


As a final thought, we should mention that having a checking account is an awesome practice, which dates back in its tradition to the first banks in the world. Sending online checks could be especially aesthetically pleasing with you managing your funds, like some kind of a sugar magnate of the nineteenth century.