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OKPay is not a typical payment method, because it is available to work not only in Europe, but also in the United States. As the player may know, not all services work with this country, but for this particular method, there are no limits to the region where it can be used. Especially if the gamer wants to make transfers or any other financial operation. Because it all can be done within a couple of seconds if it is done within the territory of one country.

It all will be available for the gamer right after registration. To sign up, the user will have to go to the official website of the service and type-in real personal info over his or her name, address, etc. It is important, because the system will be connected to the credit or debit card of the user and if these personal details are incorrect, it can decline the operation.

So think about it right from the start and use only real data over yourself. By the way, this method can also be used as an electronic wallet for making operations possible. The gamer just needs to know that this function is totally free and does not need any extra fees for making it work.

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OKPay – how does it become helpful?

In case the player did not know, this service is primary used to make deposits in online casino games. It means real money will be converted in the digital format and then used to pay for bets in the most popular projects.

Another reason to try out this service is the low price of a fee that the gamer will have to pay in order to make operations with the help of it. It will not take more than a 0,5 percent from the money that the user is about to send to someone, or use as a deposit.

This method is not limited to be used within only one region, because it can be used in numerous countries without any specific limitations. The gamer just needs to dedicate a little time to see a manual on the site of the method to know exactly what functions can be used in the process of working with this service.

Besides, there is an official application for smartphones and tablets. It can be used on any portable device with Android or iOS operation system, which means there are no specific requirements to the hardware. All banking systems, like Visa and MasterCard, are accepted to be used with this method.

However, the gamer should understand that there are no refunds, which means that the player will not be able to return money in case they were sent to a wrong receiver. The user just needs to check the number of the receiver twice before sending cash. Otherwise, it will not be possible to get funds back.

For all other issues and problems, there is a support team of workers. These guys are going to help the gamer in any situation, whenever it will be needed, because they want to create a perfect place for making financial operations.


This service has a lot of things that the player can take advantage of. But the most important is to stay true to this method. If the gamer uses it on regular basis, then it will help to get special discounts and participate in great events.

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