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MST Gift Card is an alternative payment method for those who like being in trend. There is not a problem to send money via an electronic card to any point in the world. What do you have to do to complete even one transaction? Just enter a website of the system and press the “Registration” button. After you have chosen this option, just fill in the fields with an information about yourself and you will see how easy and fast this process can be. In several seconds after the registration in complete, you will receive an e-mail on your private account. Confirm it by following the link and your new account will be activated.

People from all over the world may use this card. There are no problems with registration and no limits for those who really prefer smart and innovative payment methods to traditional ones. How does this card work at all? First of all, this is an electronic credit card that exists only in the mobile app you will have to install and only in your private bank account. There is no real card that you will have to use. And this is the greatest advantage of this system. You may just show your phone and all needed information will appear. There is nothing complicated you have to do now to send money anywhere in the world.

By the way, there is a problem relating gambling – not all transactions can be accepted when you pay with just a card. However, sending money with this card, you will be able make the process easily with a guarantee of success. Never worry about transactions, welcome to the world of smart payment systems!

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Advantages and Disadvantages

The most important advantage of the system is a speed of transaction. If paying with an ordinary card, you will have to wait for several minutes until money will appear on the account of a receiver, but this transaction will be complete momently. Just press a confirmation button and a casino will get payment quickly.

Another advantage is that this payment method is mostly used by online casinos. Exactly they offer gamblers to join MST Gift Card and pay for needed services and goods quickly with no problems! One more advantage of this payment method is that people have to do no odd moves if they want to get a card. Just enter a website of the service and complete a simple registration. After that, your account will be activated quickly. And this is not everything – let us consider the topic of private information and its security.

Sending money via an online credit card, you will never be afraid that it may be stolen. Moreover, this card can only exist in your mobile phone. But even if you lose it, you will not lose your private data and you will quickly get an opportunity to use this card from another mobile phone. However, we also have found a disadvantage of the payment system and it is a low limit – people can send up to 500 dollars per day with this card. Nevertheless, it can even be good because you will be able to save money and not to waste everything on gambling.


Use only smart payment methods and complete extra quick transactions with MST Gift Card! This is a banking system of the third generation – just try and you will see.

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