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Mojeplatba is a traditional Czech bank that can offer people to pay for goods and services they need quickly and with no odd moves. Despite the fact that this is the bank that finally started offering people paying via the Bank24 mobile application, there are not that many interesting offers for gamblers. However, they still will find many attractive features that this payment service has. This is not that old bank that was established in the Czech Republic and gained its popularity quickly. While many local banks can offer their services only for those who live on the territory of the country where they operate, this one is thought an international bank and can offer its services to everyone who wants to use it.

So how does this bank work? First of all, you have to enter a website of the bank to complete registration. Those who live in the Czech Republic can actually do that with a manager of the bank in offline regime – it will be faster, but will take your time to get to the bank. After you have entered some information about you (there is also a requirement to show up documents while you are completing registration on the website), you may easily start working with this banking system. It is a great choice both for people who want to pay money and for those people who want to get money from online casinos.

This system also offers a wide range of possibilities both for merchants and for clients as well. There is no need to pay a fee for an account or for a transaction and this is what makes this bank great for sure! You may just easily send money whenever you need and pay no additional price for it. However, so let us take a closer look at advantages and disadvantages of this payment method.

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Advantages and Disadvantages

What for do people like this payment system? The first reason is low limits and profitable tariffs. There is no need to pay any additional fee for a transaction. You will be able to send money from your bank account to the bank account of an online casino with no third-party companies.

Another reason why people keep on using this payment system is its simple conditions of use – there is no need to enter that much of your personal information and no need to complete a long registration on the website. Just fill in the fields and you will get your account activated quickly. There is no need to wait until your account will be accepted, as it may happen while you work with other payment systems.

However, it will be complicated to use the system for those who do not live in the Czech Republic. Moreover, this is not a multinational company and it may offer people to complete transactions only in one currency – Czech crowns.


If you like high-quality gambling, this payment system is especially for you! Start new rounds one by one and you will be able to stay in touch with favorite video slot games all the time! Spin reels and play for real money, earning them and paying with Mojeplatba.

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