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Mobile deposit is a new payment method that is offered by many companies. All banks on the modern market offer people to use their mobile devices to send money from any point of the world whenever they want to. Let us find out how mobile deposit became that popular. From the very beginning people could only send money through real banks or use their credit cards in ATM machines or real bank offices. However, with the development of social networks and Internet, people got used to hold their smartphones all the time with them. Just imagine once you woke up and there is no mobile phone around. Seems being a collapse. That is why banking systems offer people to use their mobile devices to send money whenever it is needed. It is cheaper, faster and more comfortable in total. There are several ways to send money to the online casino that you have chosen from your mobile phone. The first one is to enter a website of the payment system and send money quickly just through the mobile version of the website. You will see the same interface, but it will be optimized especially for your model of a smartphone. The second way to send money is to enter a mobile application and send money in online regime always staying in touch with your online bank.

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Dreams Casino

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200% Up To $2000
Real Time Gaming
Deposit Methods
American Express, Bank Wire Transfer, MasterCard

Advantages and Disadvantages

People from all over the world mostly use their mobile phones now to send money and pay for bright video slot games. They do that because of only one reason – there is a chance to send money being in any point of the world. At the same time, you have just to unlock your phone and confirm a transaction. Just imagine that there is no need to visit a bank office or to go to an ATM machine and pay for gambling with a real card. You can just send money from your smartphone and do no odd moves. Another advantage is that paying with a mobile phone, you always will get notifications about all actions with your bank account. Moreover, it is almost impossible to break an innovative security system of modern banks. So you will be able to stay calm about the security of your personal data all the time. This is the payment method that offers you total freedom. There is no need to pay only through the phone, you may easily use real cards or just vouchers and even pay in ATM machines at the same time using mobile deposits when it is needed. Using mobile applications, you will never have to pay a fee on the transaction. However, there is also a list of disadvantages you will face using this payment method. The first one is that someone may get an access to your mobile phone and use it. The second is a risk that your mobile may be stolen. After all, some people keep on trusting traditional payments more than smart ones.


All modern online casinos offer people gamble to online with the use of their mobile devices. You may play your favorite video slot games and momently pay for them with no odd moves. Gamble and send money for games at the same time! With mobile deposit payment method, you will always feel yourself free!