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LiqPay is a famous payment method introduced by the company of developers that created the PrivatBank system in Ukraine. As of right now, it is one of the greatest and most usable services in former CIS countries for making operations online, especially considering casino games.

The player has to dedicate a couple of minutes just to sign up through the official website of the method in order to take full advantage out of it. To make this happen, it is needed to fulfil a registration form. However, the user will not be able to do that without having an account in a local bank. Only by connecting credit or debit card, the player will have a chance on making all types of operations.

That is an important part of using this service, because only by doing so, it will be able to make transfers and deposits possible. It is important to admit that it should be used as the way of placing funds to the profile, instead of withdrawing them.

The user will not even have to know much detail about the receiver. In case it will be needed to send cash to someone, the only requirement would be the phone number. It is like an identifier for all profiles. Nevertheless, the gamer should not be afraid to leave some personal info. It is protected with the use of a special 3D secure code technology. To accept any operation and confirm it, the user will have to enter a dynamic one-time password.

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LiqPay – way to do it

This system is great and simple not only for gamers, but also for companies that want to add it to their projects. It is easy to do, because there is API with the code that can be easily added to existing or future products.

It works with a big variety of currencies, which means that the gamer will be capable to use it not only to transfer cash from one user to another, but also to exchange money whenever it will be needed. Besides, the player does not even have to download anything. Everything is capable to work online right from a web-browser, as the system is internet-based.

The biggest disadvantage about all this is the fact that operations need some personal info over the gamer to be specified. It means that if the user wants to work without any limitations regarding money transfers, it will not be possible to remain anonymous. But do not worry, the service will not disclose this data to anyone.

LiqPay is capable to work not only with Visa or MasterCard, but also with electronic wallets, like WebMoney or PayPal. It is easy to figure out how everything works if to dedicate a couple of minutes to that process. Besides, there is a step-by-step instruction on the site for beginners who have never used anything like that before.

However, if the gamer wants to get even better performance than in case of a web-browser version, there is LiqPay Mobile. The application that was created with the power of Java program language. It can work with Android and iOS devices for free.


If the user is interested in the service that would allow saving a lot of time and that would not be hard to understand, then this method is just a super idea for making all deals online without wasting extra time on casino sites to make deposits properly.

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