ING Deposit Casinos Methods

There are a lot of various payment processors, and it is hard to tell which is better for you and to pick the one which you like most. If you do not want to use your actual bank account, and e-wallets and vouchers is not your case, you may use the ING Payment system, a payment processor from Belgium company with a long history and a big customer base, which is, nevertheless, quite modern and tend to be on the float within current e-commerce trends. Being customer-oriented, it keeps in mind user’s needs and is suitable for gamblers since it is accepted within a majority of modern online casinos.

ING Advantages

The first obvious and big advantage of the ING company is the fact that it is accepted world-wide and can be used around the world and is not bond to any particular country. The second benefit of the ING payment processor is the fact that it works with a majority of other payment systems and banks that means, this system is flexible and you can handle it as an addition to any other payment system.

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The third point is transparency: you can always check the history of your transactions and, if required, contact the ING support to check the additional details. More important, the ING system can be used for both deposit and withdrawal that means, there is no need to search any additional systems. Besides, you can use it not only for real money gambling, but also for any other e-commerce transaction that, again, means its flexibility.

ING Disadvantages

The main disadvantage of such system is fees. There are no strict sum for all casinos and other payment processors, and they vary from one to another, thus, it will be required to check it in each casino you would like to play. The second point here is the fact that such a system is supported not with all casinos, and, for the most part of them it will be required to use another payment processor. The third point is that it will be required to provide your ING banking details to the online casino which may be harmful for those who try to remain anonymous.


To sum up, the ING payment processor is may be suitable from all sides. It has a powerful support system, can be easily accessed from the stand-alone mobile application and provides all the details on each done transaction. Moreover, it has both e-mail and phone support that means you can check all the information you want to know right from the start. On the other hand, fees to be accepted depend on the particular casino, and not all the casinos support this system that means, it will be mostly required to work with any other payment method except this one. And, even if it is supported, it will be required to provide the details from the ING account that means, there will be no way to hide your data, which may be not comfortable in case you would like to use anonymous transactions. Yet, if you agree with such terms, feel free to use the ING payment processor, place your bets, enjoy your game and may the luck be with you.