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iCheque is the payment method that was created to make your life easier. As many people may know, the problem of making operations on the internet is global as of right now. There are thousands of thieves that are trying to steal cash out of your virtual wallet, just to get a chance to spend it. That is why players should look for alternative ways on how to make operations online.

The company creator of this method managed to provide one of them. With the help of it, the player is able to do whatever is needed. At first, this service was launched back in 2010. At that period of time, it was represented as a pre-paid card that the player should have bought in any local store or any other kind of institution and then redeem on the site of the method.

However, the internet has revolutionized that idea and now the gamer needs to sign up through the official website in order to get a personal profile. Then it will be possible to make a deposit with power of credit or debit card. Why was it made so complicated? Because the player cannot pay for bets by using standard methods in some countries. In the United Kingdom, it is one of problems for online gamers and the reason why they should look for alternative ways of paying.

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This service is mobile-based. What does it mean? The player does not have to state any info over the account in any local bank, because it is possible to make a pay with the power of a mobile balance. You will only need to request this operation, send a message on the specified number and enter the amount of money that you are willing to cash in to the service.

It comes in handy on numerous occasions. Especially, when the player knows that there is an official application for Android and iOS devices. It can be installed for free and the gamer will be able to use it at any moment. This method needs an active connection to the net.

However, the gamer is also able to make a deposit with the help of an ATM machine in any local institution. Just check if there is this method represented and sign in to the profile while choosing the amount of money to pay for bets in a favorite game.

There can be some problems with the overall performance of the service, as it works with thousands of clients from all over the web. Therefore, the gamer will need to contact the support team whenever it will be necessary. These guys will do whatever it takes just to make sure that they will solve your problem.

By buying a pre-paid voucher, you need to understand that the operation will take much more time than in case of its digital analog. Just chose the variant that fits you.


As you can see, you need to learn a couple of tricks before starting to work with this method on regular basis. But it will not be hard for you, considering how great this service is in terms of making your gaming life much easier than it has ever been. If the gamer makes operations with the help of it on regular basis, it will be possible to get special discounts as a part of a loyalty system.

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