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There are a lot of various payment methods with their own benefits and drawbacks, and it is really hard to say which one of them is really the best. Yet, if you are not the user of e-wallets, and banking systems are also not for you, and even such an invention as a gift and pre-paid cards are not your pick, you may find yourself using such a system as HalCash. First of all, it is good because all you need for it is a 4-digit pin, a registration within the system and some cash. All this system is transferring your cash into digital currency and sending it to a direct receiver in a glimpse, which is suitable for a big amount of players.

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HalCash Advantages

The main advantage of this system is the fact you do not need to own any special credit cards or anything like that. The only thing you have to obtain is a 4-pin code that allows you to access a HalCash terminal. Right after it is done, you are free to place your deposit bet via it. Needless to say, such a system also offers you an opportunity for your payout withdrawals also in a minute or two, which may be perfect if you are playing the slot somewhere near a HalCash ATM terminal.

On the other hand, HalCash does not require any additional registration within any actual existing bank, which means an opportunity to hide all the personal data you are not willing to disclose. The other benefit here is speed. In case of deposits it is always important to make all the processes as fast as it is possible in order not to interrupt the process and help you to continue the playthroughs without any disturbs.

HalCash Disadvantages

As for drawbacks, they are few, but significant. The most obvious one is the necessity of having an ATM somewhere nearby. Since this system is cash-oriented, you are always required to search for HalCash terminals in order to either place your bet or withdraw the payout.

The second point comes from the first: locality. Not all the cities have HalCash terminals, that means, it is required to check beforehand if it is available in your country at least. The third minus is cash limits, at least for cash withdrawal, which may be not bigger than $200 per one session.


To sum everything up, HalCash is a good option for those who like to use cash instead of e-wallets or any other sources of online payment.

With an opportunity to change your cash into any online currency and transfer it to your online casino in a glimpse, it makes the game flow itself fluent and comfortable, providing you with a long and non-interrupted playthrough. Even though, there is a cash limit and not all the cities and countries have HalCash terminals, still, if you are within the lucky list, you can go out with such a method and may be surprised with its speed and efficiency.

Being user-friendly and holding a powerful support system, you can always ask for help in case something unexpected occurs, and your transaction is always kept safe and delivered right to a stated person or the company you have chosen.

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