Garanti Deposit Casinos Methods

Among various payment methods, there will always exist a separate institution named a bank. A lot of different banks around the world allow players to store their savings and to manage them the way they like. Thus, the majority of gamblers wonder which bank is good to be used for such needs. If you are among them, you can use Garanti bank. Being a Turkish company, it accepts world-wide transactions and is accepted within most online casinos nowadays. Being modern and flexible due to users` needs, it may be really useful for a plenty of situations in you daily life and for online real-money gambling.

Garanti Advantages

From the start, Garanti bank allows you to keep your savings in various currencies and spend them in the way you like within any online casino that supports it. Secondly, it is fast and supports various methods of money transferring. Along with that, it can be both used for depositing and withdrawing. If that is not enough, Garanti bank has its own stand-alone mobile application that can be downloaded freely from Google Play.

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This means you do not even need to have a PC in order to perform a deposit transaction, doing everything on the flow without actual interruption of the gameplay at a casino of your choice. Another good thing is that this bank allows you to create separate e-cards for online shopping aside from physical credit cards that can be also purchased within Garanti offices.

Garanti Disadvantages

As for drawbacks, there are a few of them. First of all, Garanti bank sets its own fees on each transaction done through the Internet, which means it is required to check both terms and policies of the bank itself, as well as of the online casino you would like to play at.
Secondly, Garanti bank is a Turkish company, which means you have to be there at least for a registration step. The third major fact is that you have to fill in a full registration form with your actual personal details, which may be harmful for those who prefer to hide them from authorities for their own reasons.


To sum everything up, Garanti bank is a good method for those who prefer the usage of online banking instead of any other payment methods. Being both fast and simple, as well as user-oriented, it supports mobile transactions, money transfer from Garanti website and even stand-alone physical terminals, if nothing of the listed above is good for you. Even if this bank is oriented on Turkish users, transactions are accepted world-widely, and the bank itself is recognized within the majority of modern online casinos around the world. Thus, if you are good with fees and other conditions, feel free to choose the online casino you would like to play at and pick the slot you like the most. Once everything is done, you can use Garanti payment method, place your bet, and, right after the transaction is completed, the game starts, and nothing will interrupt you from a long and engaging playthrough.