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There are a lot of various payment processors with their pros and cons, and it is really hard to find the one that suits you best. In the case if PayPal or any e-wallet or direct bank transfer is not an option for you, and if there is no possibility to pay directly via credit card, it is required to find any other third-party service that will come handy this time. If you have such troubles, Flexepin service may be an ideal solution. Flexepin itself is the service that provides you with an online pre-paid voucher that you use during a deposit stage as a starting bet for the playthrough to begin. Thus, the bet is placed, and the game starts.

Flexepin Advantages

The main advantage of such system is its simplicity. All you have to do here is to login at the official website, purchase a Flexepin voucher and use it further as a promo-code for further bets at online casino of your choice. The pre-paid voucher goes to your email, and then you can enter it during the deposit step at the online real-money gambling service before the game itself begins.

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The other advantage of such a method is transparency: all processes done within Flexepin are shown to you, and you always exactly know where your money went, and how big is the actual sum you have invested. The third good point is the fact that no additional steps are required. Everything can be done in three simple clicks.
And the fourth point here is semi-anonymity. While using Flexepin, there is no need to provide anything else to the online casino you want to play at. Neither your actual banking details, nor credit card data are used here. Only the voucher code is the thing you need for the bet.

Flexepin Disadvantages

As for minuses of the system, they are also obvious. The first one is that there is no option to use the service during a withdrawal stage: you purchase a voucher and deposit money to it. Regretfully, there is no possibility to create an automated system that does the same steps from casino side in order to provide you with winning cash, and the payout should be done to an actual credit card or any other service that can be used on its behalf.
The other minus is the fact that the Flexepin service has no mobile support. In order to buy a voucher, it will be required to use a PC and purchase it from the Flexepin website directly before using it at an online casino of your choice.


To sum up, the Flexepin service is a global pre-paid voucher platform that allows you to deposit cash to the most part of online casinos in a few simple steps. Once you have created an account at Flexepin, feel free to purchase the voucher of a required sum and use it as your actual cash for further real-money gambling within the platform you like.
Even though this service cannot be used for withdrawing, still, it has a user-friendly interface, as well as the terms of usage are comparatively fair and make with gamblers’ needs in mind. Still, it will require some fee depending on the transaction done. Yet, all the percentages are shown to you and there is always an option to double-check them before proceeding with the voucher purchase.

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