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For those people who prefer using their bank accounts instead of third-party services and universal credit cards, it is really a hard task to find such a bank that can support both e-commerce and online gambling sphere on user-friendly terms and minimal fees. For users from Czech Republic, such a choice can be Fio Banka that exists for more than 20 years now and can cover all basic needs required for a good and comfortable online real money gambling session within the majority of online casinos. Being accessible throughout the country, it can be a significant help if you are within this part of users.

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Fio Banka Advantages

The main pros of such system are quite obvious. If you have a bank account, you can use it not only for the gambling sphere, yet, for every part of e-commerce you are willing to take part in, as well as online business and regular purchases.

All you need here is to create an account, register a credit card with it and then proceed further. Along with that, Fio Banka can be used both as a deposit and withdrawal method, which is also good, since there is no need to search for additional services. The third point here is the fact that every transaction is clear for you and you can always check where your money go and how much you will receive as a result.

Fio Banka Disadvantages

As for minuses, they are also quite obvious here. From the start, Fio Banka is available only for users within the Czech Republic, which means if you are not from there, there will be no option to have an account with them. The second major flaw is a fee that you have to pay depending on a particular casino, which means it will be required to check the terms and policies of the online casino you want to play at before placing the bet with such a payment method, and only when you are sure to agree with the terms, feel free to proceed.

And the third flaw is the necessity of disclosure your actual banking details, which may be harmful for those who prefer to stay in shadows instead of providing personal information, even for the fair play at an online casino.


To sum up, Fio Banka is a good payment method for those who live in the Czech Republic and have an account with this bank, being offered with numerous benefits just for being customers. Having an account at Fio Banka also means that you can use it for any other online transaction aside from gambling itself.

Moreover, such a method can be used for both deposit and withdrawal step, which means that there is no need to use different systems for different steps.

Yet, the minuses are also major. First, if you are not from Czech, you cannot use such an account and it will be necessary to go with any other method. Secondly, the details of your actual bank account will be disclosed to the online casino, and if you do not like it, it will be better to use an e-wallet instead. And the third point here is the fact that deposit and withdrawal fees depend on a particular online casino with no strict default sums.

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