Express Bank Transfer Deposit Casinos Methods

Express Bank Transfer is a well-known all over the world payment method that people like using mostly because they trust traditional payment systems and prefer sending real money to online casinos all over the world. This is a payment method that can allow people to send money in any amount whenever they need to. Moreover, you will be able to pay for bright video slot games with no complicated moves. How does this system work and why do people keep on choosing it to pay for the brightest video slot games? To use this system, you need to pass a registration with showing certain documents and stating a full information about the recipient. As you are sending real money (we mean cash but not electronic money), you will have to come up to the office of the company that can offer you a transfer (almost all banks all around the world may offer people making transfers). Coming up to the office, you need to tell a full information about the recipient and give cash to a manager. It will take bank from one to three business days to complete a transfer and send money from you to the online casino bank account.

Moreover, it is not a cheap pleasure – you will have to pay a 2% fee on a transaction and that is why it will be quite expensive to pay for bright video slot games using exactly this payment method. However, many people still trust exactly this service, as it is well-known all over the world and people may send not electronic money, but real cash to any online casino in the world that they have chosen to play at.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Despite the fact that this is one of the most popular payment systems, it still has a wide range of advantages and disadvantages. Let us start from the positive aspects of this payment method. The first one is that many people cannot start using innovative payment services, as they mostly use traditional methods, like bank transfer. It was the first payment method in the world at all. When banking industry only started to develop, people were able to send money each other only using such a system. The second advantage is a security lever. Well, there is no need in security at all, as you will tell no one your private information. Furthermore, no one will find out a thing about the transaction and about the person who is sending money to the recipient. The third advantage of this payment method is that success of the transfer is guaranteed by the bank. You do not have to worry about the fact whether your transaction will be complete or not. Moreover, all online casinos support this payment method. By the way, there is no perfect payment service on the market and even this one has certain disadvantages. The first and the most obvious one is a need to wait from one to three business days until the transaction will be complete, as well as you have to pay an additional fee on the transaction. So this is not that fast and cheap payment method at all.


Gambling keeps on developing and being more and more smart, while trusted payment methods stay the same. Check out more information about Express Bank Transfer and pay for the best video slot games quickly!