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eMoney Safe is the payment method that was created specifically for online users who like to play games and want to do that with more comfort. For it, they need to find alternative ways than simple credit or debit cards. In this case, this service will become in handy in many ways. But like with all other methods, the player will need to sign up through the developer’s website.

It will not take a lot of time, because the player will only need to fulfil some registration forms and it can be done within a couple of minutes. The user needs to do that, because it is the only right way to get a personal profile.

Considering the fact that this service specifies on making deposits to casino sites, sport betting and speculation on currencies, it will need your bank account in order to make operations possible. That is all because of SWIFT technology. The system will need to check details over your personality just to make sure that everything is okay with you, as well as with the account of the receiver. So be sure to check it all out.

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eMoney Safe – it is your chance to become the player of the century

A great thing about this service – it allows the gamer to not only make operations, but also to store money on cloud drives. This method can act like an electronic wallet where the player will store cash and then there is going to be a way to spend it at any moment.

In order to make operations much faster, the player can install the official application for Android or iOS. It will help to get access to money anywhere and at any time. The gamer is also able to use this method offline, instead of making deposits in favorite games only with the help of online client.

What makes it even better is the fact that the gamer can make payments instantly with the help of Wallet2Wallet technology. It means that the user is able to send cash directly to the other user. Just do not make a mistake about it – if the gamer is abroad, it may take a couple of business days for the operation to complete.

However, you should not panic. There is even a way to solve any possible problems. Just contact the support team and they will do everything it takes to help you. With the help of this method, the user can not only pay for bets, but also to buy stuff online from shops and stores. Just leave some details over your MasterCard or Visa card and then you will be able to do everything you need. The only limit that you are going to have is the financial balance of the banking system.

In case you have understood everything – just go and try this service by your own self. If not – go to a specific article on the site of the method and learn all tips and tricks that can help you to get a greater experience.


With the help of this method, the player perform any needed financial operations. It is even possible to control the activity on the profile by enabling the notification option in settings. It will send you emails and text messages to the phone if something is happening with your profile.

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