Electronic Transfer Deposit Casinos Methods

Each registered casino user has access to a huge assortment of games from such famous developers as Microgaming, NetEnt, Novomatic, Playson, Thunderkick, Elk Studios and many others. Thus, it is in virtual rooms that you can get maximum pleasure from a comfortable and quality game.
In addition, each casino offers a wide selection of stocks and bonuses that will help increase your gaming capital by at least several times. To get access to all this, you just need to become a casino user. Moreover, you can do it quite simply. All online casinos require the creation of a deposit if you expect to play for real money. There are many payment methods that allow replenishing deposits in virtual gambling establishments. You can choose, for example, Electronic Transfer.

Features of working with Electronic Transfer: depositing money into casino quickly and cheaply

Electronic Transfer differs from postal or telegraphic only in the speed of sending money. A control period for passage of electronic money transfer from place of its acceptance to the place of payment is not more than 3 hours. The amount of transfer is not limited. And a tariff for this service is a small percentage (not more than 6%) of the transfer amount. To date, transfer is carried out between all major cities of the world.

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To send an electronic money order, a citizen does not need to open an account with a bank or become a credit card holder. It is enough to bring money to post office, which accepts electronic money transfers, fill in an appropriate form and pay the cost of services.
If a receiver has a home or office phone number, you can specify the numbers of these phones on a transfer form. This way, mail employees will call the receiver to inform him or her about the transfer. Also, at the request of an addressee or a sender, money is delivered to a specified address. In case of opening a deposit in a casino, money will go to the account of the institution.
If a sender wants to make sure that the addressee has actually received money, it is possible to use an additional service and receive a message about the delivery of the sent amount to the addressee.

How online Electronic Transfer banking works

To satisfy needs of legal entities and individuals, software has been developed and implemented that allows to accept part-mail postal money transfers on the basis of an electronic list of remittances provided by any magnetic media, without the need to fill in money transfer forms.
To make transfers electronically, you can use a special software product that can be installed.
Electronic Transfer is a transfer of funds initiated from terminal, telephone or magnetic media, concerning the debiting of an account through a financial institution. The company can control an operation performed with Electronic Transfer, but always the user’s data and money transferred will be protected.