E-Pro e-Vouchers Deposit Casinos Methods

Virtual gambling halls do everything necessary to create game atmosphere for users that would be based on responsible and fair attitude to game process. They try to protect extremely active gamblers from their addiction to games and to protect all newcomers from participating in gaming.
Online casinos offer an opportunity to play for real money. But for this you need to make your own deposit and replenish a certain amount of money into this account. It is necessary. One of the payment methods that allow such transfers is an electronic voucher created in the E-Pro system (e-Voucher).

Characteristics and possibilities of the online E-Pro (e-Vouchers) banking

The mechanism of E-Pro functioning deserves only praise. The convenient e-Voucher system, instant transfers, user verification, multicurrency accounts and tiny commissions quickly gained E-Pro’s commitments of private and corporate customers.

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As for the world community, here is not all unambiguous. Most of all negative rumors about the E-Pro payment system are connected with so-called HYIP projects, or financial speculation and money laundering of fraudulent schemes. This system so far has avoided sad fate of the super-popular company Liberty Reserve, which was closed in 2013 because of such accusations. We can say with certainty that such statements are unreasonable and untruthful!

What is E-Pro e-Voucher: money for deposit in casino is safe and fast

The voucher is an electronic check. Its main purpose is to transfer funds to account. It can be compared with a mobile phone recharge card. Appearance of document is extremely simple. Vouchers are created for any amount, and commission does not exceed 0.5%, as with conventional transfers between E-Pro accounts.
Another advantage of the check is instant crediting of funds from it, in contrast to transfers between accounts that can be suspended by the security service of the payment system.

How to create E-Pro e-Voucher?

Of course, you must first register an account with E-Pro. The system takes a three-pronged gradation of users:
normal – regular customers without any restrictions;
premium – customers who have a period of 1 year or show a turnover of funds on their balance sheet. Difference from normal status is in lower commission;
partner – for those companies that make payments on B2B system and need advanced functionality. According to rules of the resource, this status is assigned only by decision of owners of E-Pro.
So, the creation of voucher is already available on the normal status. You must have a confirmed account in the payment system and conduct a number of simple manipulations, described below:
Log in to your account.
Select Enter in upper menu.
Select e-Voucher when you enter funds.
Fill in form fields marked with asterisks. After that, enter captcha correctly.
Press Activate button.
Next page will open, where you will be asked to enter amount in field and choose which account to enter funds for.
Click the end button Activate.
The account will be instantly refilled with a specified amount. In addition to e-Voucher, you can replenish your account with payment terminals, exchange partner points, bank transfer. Thus, with help of this voucher, you can replenish a deposit for gambling in casino and bet on sports events. Use a voucher to replenish the game account as long as you like.