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As the statistics show, each player has a problem when he or she wants to replenish his or her account balance. This is due to a large list of proposed deposit methods. Of course, each system wants to offer more favorable terms and attract new customers. Today, we will discuss one of the most experienced systems that exists on the market today, “ComGate”, which was previously known as “AGMO”. This system allows you to make secure transactions using the Internet and mobile.

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Advantages or disadvantages of the deposit method

In order to use the ComGate service, the client does not need to open a bank account. The main task of the system is to help the user to transfer money to his or her account in the online casino. One of the advantages of this deposit method is a high speed of transactions. The speed of payment processing and ease of use made the service popular among online casino customers. You can transfer real money using “ComGate”. Moreover, the operation of the deposit method is completely safe. One of the largest banks in the Czech Republic manages this service. This is where reliable control over transactions takes place, which provides customers with a high level of security.

It is also worth noting that this deposit method cooperates with popular electronic systems (MasterCard and Visa). Payments in real time can also be made using the services of recognized telecom operators in the Czech Republic. In order to fully use the service, the client needs to have an open account in one of the partner banks, use the services of local mobile communication operators or have an electronic credit card. In a word, the service is convenient and understandable for every client. In addition, you do not need to worry about the safety of your data and payment history.

It is worth noting that the official site of the popular service is available in five languages. At any time, the user can contact technical support, whose employees will help to solve any problem. The user can ask any questions regarding transactions made, the balance of a personal account and any nuances of using the service. The main feature of this stunning deposit method is a quick replenishment of the game account. So the service was created in order to simplify the process of transactions, which automatically guarantees the availability of certain amenities.


Each online casino can offer its clients many different services. However, this company for many years easily overcomes competitors and attracts many users. This deposit method proposes to transfer real money with an increased level of security. ComGate is characterized by a high speed of funds transfer and the lack of mandatory registration. This fact will pleasantly surprise every visitor.

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