Carta Si (by Skrill) Deposit Casinos Methods

Carta Si (by Skrill) is the payment method that solves a lot of gamers` problems. One of them is how to make deposits without wasting a lot of precious time. Actually, it can be done pretty easily with the help of this particular service. It helps on numerous occasions. For example, if the user wants to take profit out of money not only online, but also in offline institutions, like shops and stores, then it is recommended to check out Carta Si (by Skrill).
However, that is not the only reason to do that. Because there is also another great thing – simplicity. The player does not have to waste a lot of precious time on figuring out how everything works. It is easy to get used with this method with the help of its official website. The gamer can find a manual with all details on what to do to get the biggest possible profit out of it.
Besides, it is needed to sign up through it. Only with the use of a personal profile, the player will be able to make operations and transfers. Otherwise, if the credit or debit card is not connected to the service, it will not be possible to do anything else, except storing cash on the account balance.

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Carta Si (by Skrill) – how to use it?

Rules for using this method with online casinos are pretty easy. The player just needs to have Visa, Mastercard or any other card to connect to with the profile of the service and it will be no problem to deposit games from the web.
But the key thing is that the player can use the method to also make transfers abroad. There are almost no limits in terms of international operations. The gamer even does not have to wait long for operations to complete. They work instantly. But here comes one of the biggest problems – the player will not be able to get money back in case they were sent to a wrong person.
Another thing to know about – there is a chance of getting some extra cash in case there will not be enough money on the balance. But by doing it, the player should understand that it will take some extra charge of a fee for the next recharge of the profile.
If the user works with big amounts of cash, there is a chance that it will be needed to convert them into other currencies. There is a built-in exchanger that can help the gamer to do that. It will cost up to four percent from the amount of money that the player is about to exchange.
Sometimes problems may occur, but it is easy to solve them. There is a support team of workers that the gamer can contact. These guys work hard on everyday basis and they will do everything it takes just to make sure that the user will be happy with the overall performance.


This service was established in Italy, but it works with other countries as well. Besides, it even has a couple of language packs built-in, which means that the player will not have troubles with understanding what to do. There are even manuals from users that are also helpful on numerous occasions.