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BPay it is a payment system of new format. It was established in 2011 and now is available for everyone who likes gambling. This is not just an independent payment method and it will not be working without additional payment services as well as this payment system can only become a third party in the payment process. As you have noticed for sure, most of new companies on the market don’t offer a new scheme of sending money whenever you need. They just offer higher level of data security and higher speed of transactions. However, is it always good and comfortable for players? It is hard to answer this question.

How does one transaction with BPay system look like? First of all, player has to choose either he wants to play for fun or he wants to start the game with real money. After the choice is made, the gambler has to choose an online casino he trusts enough to play bright video slot machines on its website. After the casino was chosen, check out available payment methods that company supports. If you have found there the BPay system, you may be sure that transaction will be safe and quick.

However, not all casinos can support payment with BPay. Only casino itself can define partners, so first of all, check out the casino website before choosing a preferable method of money sending. Choose paying with BPay just in case you want to pay online with an app of any bank or you want to pay via credit card and choose a casino. Enter all necessary data and money will be sent quickly to the casino.

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Advantages and Disadvantages

What for people need to use this payment system if it does nothing at all, just links the bank to the casino? The first thing is about money. Some banks can’t let players pay in euro or in dollar. Just use this app to convert money online. Moreover, transaction will be super safe using BPay System. After all, it will be anon and fast. No one will ever know you were playing with certain online casino. People in modern world know that nothing can be more expensive than information. However, speed, security level and a chance to convert money quickly it is the only factors that can make gambling profitable for real.

Unfortunately, there are not that many positive aspects of this payment method to make it profitable enough. Among disadvantages we have to mention the next points: this is not an independent payment system and players have to link both casino and banking system or credit card to the BPay service to pay for goods or services. Moreover, banking transfers nowadays are quick and safe enough not to ask the third service to help players.

As well as modern customers of banking companies have apps installed on their phones and can easily pay for anything they want right through it. Coming closer to the summary, we have to ask only one question: is this payment method is real payment method or is it just a helpful application to pay on the websites of partner companies of BPay?


While analyzing the BPay Company, we have found it not the best payment method gamblers can choose to pay for gambling. It may seem even a little bit useless. However, the only one opinion can be the right one – yours. So, check it out.

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