Book to book Deposit Casinos Methods

Book to book payment method appeared on the market long time ago. Nowadays, people from all over the world use it to pay for favorite video slot games and other services and goods. There is no need to go to the bank or to use services of third-party companies. Book to book is a traditional payment method that is still one of the most serious rival to new companies and innovative deposit methods. So, what is the procedure of payment when you want to send money with book to book? First, you have to enter your private bank account. Yes, such a method requires you to have your own account in bank before the start of working with this payment system. The second requirement is to enter a certain amount of money you are going to send to an online casino and a full information about the recipient. After that, all information will be encrypted to stay absolutely safe and anonymous. Only after your personal information and all data about the transaction turned secret, you will be able to send money to the online casino. This is a form of an instant money transfer and people can easily send money form the deposit account to the account of the casino with no odd moves. In other words, the system of book to book payment is a way to make instant transfers from one account to another.

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Advantages and Disadvantages

The first advantage of such a payment method is a speed of the transactions. You will be able to send money from your private bank account to the account of an online casino in several minutes. There is nothing complicated you have to do to complete even one transaction. Just enter the amount of money you have to pay and confirm another transaction. This is almost the only deposit method that can let people contact online casinos without third parties. Make instant transactions and send money quickly. You will be satisfied with the result you will get. Another advantage of this system is that it is the electronic payment method that requires people only to make electronic transactions without coming to a real bank or a real office. Just open a mobile application of your bank if it has one or just enter your bank account through the official website. Another advantage is that anyone can do that and there is no special instruction needed, as in the modern world people used to instant banking transactions with no help of a consultant. We pay from our bank account all the time and we know for sure how to send safe and quick transactions with no odd moves. However, such a system also has many disadvantages. The first is that you will be able only to pay in currency that is available for your bank account. The second is that sometimes transactions made with the help of third parties can be even safer.


Play at trusted online casinos and send money right to their bank accounts with no third parties. You will not lose a coin – use book to book transfer and feel yourself confident!