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In the Czech Republic people know for sure how to keep their secrets safe. Security of personal information is one of the most important courses of the governmental development. However, not only governmental, but also private companies keep on introducing new fresh security technologies on the modern market. For example, BLESK peněženka is a super safe payment method via MasterCard credit or debit card that can be issued in the main office of the company.

Clients of the smart company get their own privileges. For example, they don’t have to pay taxes from transactions, as well as every client is considered to be super special and important. The procedure of card getting is easy. You have to come to the banking office and fill in the form with documents. The client can also order a card through the Internet with just filling in e-version of documents. After the card is ready, you may use it anywhere you want and pay just like in the ordinary bank.

What is the main difference between BLESK peněženka and just a bank? Let’s take a look at the main advantages and disadvantages of this payment method and check it out.

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Advantages and Disadvantages

The first advantage is about a private card of the bank. Anyway, it will have many useful options, for example, high credit limit and expiry date. Even when using this credit card all around the world you will stay free of taxes. It is really great as well as in Czech Republic where people pay extra high taxes. Moreover, the card can let client pay not only in Czech koruna but in dollars and euros too. There is nothing complicated in getting the card procedure. Just ask for it in the office and you will get a new credit card quicker than in all other banks. Service of the company also appears to be a great advantage of this payment method. Online support will solve all the possible troubles any time of day and night.

However, what about gambling? Most online casinos support any MasterCard cards. So, there will be no problems with connecting new BLESK peněženka card to the account on the website of the trusted online casino. You may pay using this card anywhere you want. There are no problems of using it abroad. As well as they offer a comfortable usage of the app, there are no problems in paying online using your banking account. When you are playing with real money in an online casino it is important to now that both your private information and your money will stay safe.

With BLESK peněženka you should worry about nothing. They use new methods of data saving and let clients use the card without a fear. However, there are also certain disadvantages. For example, only people from the Czech Republic can use this card. As well as you have to go to the office or wait for a delivery for a long time. You have to fill in the documents and leave a lot of private information.


It always depends on the personal preferences – what payment method he or she likes the most. Some services offer just a link between a bank and casino, some of them offer to pay money with no card at all. However, this is just a traditional payment method that will save your personal information for sure.

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