Bankový prevod Deposit Casinos Methods

This Slovak payment system can make all gambler happy using non-commercial payments for gambling. This is a system not for merchants but only for clients of high-quality online casinos. What is the specific of Bankový prevod and why do you need this service? Transaction made through the bank is one of the first and one of the most popular ways to pay for goods and services you want to buy. Still, people are not able to invent something easier and more genius than this payment method. As a deposit method, Bankový prevod requires from the gamer nothing complicated to do. The sense of the system is that this is a third face between you and online casino. For example, you have a credit card in the local currency of your local bank and want to play with best online casinos that accept only transactions made in dollars or euro. And this is why you need to use the third face to complete a transaction quickly and easily. However, we are not sure in the quality of Slovak banking systems and in the world they can’t be considered the most reliable ones. However, this is better than make a wire bank transfer that will cost you a lot and send money to the other country with a great fee! So, you will have just to create and account and link your debit or credit card that you usually use to the account. It also will take you several minutes to link the card.

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After the card is linked you may just choose an amount of money you want to send to the bank account of online casino and transaction will be completed instantly with recounting of money on the needed currency for online casino.

Advantages and Disadvantages

The first advantage of this payment method is that you have to do nothing to pay money for favorite video slot games. You will have just to link the card to the system and enter some information about the online casino you have chosen to gamble with. After that it will take you only several second to complete a transaction and send your money to a casino. The second advantage of the system it is that you may pay with just a local average card and this banking system will recount your money automatically on the local currency of the casino you have chosen. After all, there is one more advantage of the system. This is the fact, that it is smart and you may use it offline, online through the website and online through the mobile application. However, there are also several disadvantages of this payment method. The first one is that we can’t be sure that this banking system is safe enough to guarantee the security of your private data. The second thing it is that this is not that widely popular payment system and not all online casinos can support it. You have to check out either your online casino can accept this payment method or not and you will get a result quickly.


Bankový prevod is one of the most popular ways to send money from your local bank account to the online casino anywhere else in the world. Gamble with smart payment systems and pay money quickly with no odd moves!