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Aktia Bank is one of the oldest banking groups in Finland. From Greek language, Aktia can be translated as a Coastal. This bank was established in Helsinki in 1825. An interesting fact is that since the establishment bank system have faced no crisis and its income was only growing. There were no scandals and no troubles with the savings of clients of the bank. So, the trust of people to the bank only keeps on growing with time.

In the world of gambling, Aktia bank appears to be one of the payment systems, that can let people from all over the world get and send money to any point on the Earth. It makes modern gambling several times easier. Not all payment systems can let players get instant transactions and send money straight to the recipient with no third faces. It will take you several minutes to complete one transaction. From the very beginning, you have to complete registration on the website of the bank. There is no need to go to the office and to connect with it. Just enter your personal data and fill in the fields with needed information. Right after that, you will be able to start using banks services.

Among them, customers will be able to find a common online payment system and their own credit card, issued on the base of MasterCard. Any online casino will support this payment method as MasterCard credit cards can be accepted all around the world. This is an international banking system and people from all over the world can join this trusted and safe company.

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Advantages and Disadvantages

The first and the most important advantage of this payment method is that all transactions can be completed in several seconds. Just open an application and set an amount of money you are going to spend. Choose a recipient and send money in one click. There are no odd moves required to send money from one place to another. The transaction will stay absolutely anon and this is the reason why people like using this payment method so much. Corporate application of the bank works with all operating systems. So it will not be a problem to install an app on your mobile. Customers don’t have to worry about the security of the transaction.

Aktia Bank uses the most modern security programs to save personal data of users from the possible danger. There is also a high-quality fast service. Instant transactions can let people get and send money with no third faces. Pay from one account straight to the other and do no odd moves. Among disadvantages of the bank, we can mention the absence of multicurrency regime. Moreover, you have to order a card of the bank – there is no way to link your card to the system, as it accepts only their corporate cards.


Aktia Bank is one of the best modern banks on the market. It sets trends on the market. Modern gambling can be both fun and profitable. Choose only trusted payment methods to protect your money and earn more and more spinning reels with favorite video slot machines. There are no complicated moves required to join Aktia company and feel yourself both smart and safe.

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