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Air Pay is a special application created by Privat Bank. It can be downloaded both in App Store and in Google Play. All operation systems among the existed will support this payment method for sure. However, it is an application that can be used only in Ukraine, as Privat Bank has no offices abroad. It is a governmental bank and all information about the transaction can be available for the government. Despite the fact, all the information is private and secured by modern security systems, the government still can send a request to check out an account and it will get a full information about the transactions history.

Not all online casinos can support this payment method as well as it is innovative, but local payment system, that is used widely only on the territory of one country. However, some online casinos still can let players send transactions using only QR-code and mobile application. There is no need to do some complicated moves if you want to send money and pay for your favorite video slot games.

So, what is Air Pay itself? It is a payment system of the new format. It let you pay with the mobile phone. Just install an application on your smartphone and scan a QR-code. In the very beginning of every transaction you will have to enter a code and after that, you will see a full information about the transaction and send it in several minutes.

Air Pay it is a system of the third generation, that can let people send money whenever they want in several seconds. How does the start of the work with Air Pay look like? From the very beginning, you have to download an application on your smartphone. Right after that, you may pay in POS terminals or through the phone. Just read a code and complete payment or enter an information about the recipient and send money in few seconds.

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Advantages and Disadvantages

The first advantage of this system is that people don’t have to do any odd moves before the start of using it. Just download an application on your phone and start working with it. There is an innovative security system, that can let people no longer worry about the safety of their personal data. Paying with Air Pay you can make instant transactions with no third faces. It is one of the fastest payment systems in the world. It will take you few seconds to send money from one account to the account of the recipient. No odd moves – only clear income and pleasure of gambling.

However, this payment system also has a list of disadvantages. The first one is that it is a local payment system. There is no multicurrency regime. Players can send money only in the currency allowed on the territory of the country. After that, it is not completely anon payment system. Moreover, not all online casinos support it. So, you should be careful using it.


When you choose to play on real money on the website of trusted online casino you should also choose a reliable payment system. Air Pay can let players send transactions in several seconds. There is no need to worry or to wait for a long time until transaction will be completed.

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