Agencies IziPlay Deposit Casinos Methods

Iziplay is a new format of the payment system, which is a daughter system to AAMS Italy bank. This is one of the most trusted and famous banks in Italy. Moreover, people from all over the world trust it due to the usage of innovative payment systems. iZiplay is a special payment system, that was created for gamblers and not only is supported by both casinos and gaming developers, but also can give players who use its profits and special bonuses. There are a set of codes, that you have to enter before the start of the game on the website of online casino that you have chosen to play on real money and you will get a bonus quickly. It is a payment system with a high limit and special conditions for transactions that gambler send to the online casinos. Moreover, this payment system is widely used only on the gambling market. So, how can you start sending and earning money with iZiplay? The first step is registration on the website of the system. Just enter your personal data and you will get an access to one of the smartest payment systems of all existed nowadays. After that, you will get an online account and you will be able to send money to Cogetech Casinos group. Moreover, all HTML-5 based video slot machine made by NetEnt and Microgaming also support this payment system.

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Advantages and Disadvantages

This is a euro system, that can let people complete transactions only in the euro currency. There is no way to change currency. However, most of the modern online casinos work with euro and that is why players will feel themselves free paying in euro. However, the absence of multicurrency mode can be considered being a disadvantage of this system. Payment limit is 5000 euros per day. It is quite a high limit and it will be enough for a high-quality gambling. Moreover, such a limit will help players to save money and not to waste all money during only one gambling session. After that, the system of bonuses for the payment system customers will make gambling extra pleasant and profitable! Get extra money just because you have chosen this payment method. As we have already mentioned, not only online casinos but also smart gambling software developers support this payment method what makes it super popular on the gambling market. Moreover, when payment system specializes in the gambling itself it can cause an extra trust from the side of players. Moreover, they will get several times more comfortable conditions for gambling! Among disadvantages of this payment system, we have to mention that people will be limited in the choice of possible casinos. Moreover, they won’t be able to switch to the other currency. However, in total, this banking system seems to be professional and modern enough to give players everything they look for and even more.


Choosing a game with real money you should feel yourself comfortable and safe. With iZiplay Agencies, it can be possible! Choose only trusted payment methods and get a real profit! Yet it is the only special payment system for online casinos that is based on the most trusted Italian bank.