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The presence of the Internet allows people to protect themselves from many unnecessary actions that must be performed in life. For example, the presence of a set of deposit methods in the network allows you to make purchases, transfers of funds and other transactions without leaving home. For this, of course, you need to choose one permanent service that will be implemented anywhere.

You have probably noticed that most modern electronic deposit systems are targeted at users of one country or maximum on a region that includes several neighboring countries. However, there are some deposit services, whose geography of functioning practically has no boundaries. One such is the “7-Eleven” system, which we will consider today.

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Advantages of the deposit method

Of course, many probably know a world-wide network of stores “7/11”, the actioners of which created this withdrawal method. Despite any difficulties, 7-eleven company managed to get into a big world of electronic deposits, mostly thanks to the basic profile of its activity, which consists of retailing on the basis of beer franchising, a huge assortment of soft drinks and sweets. Since many prefer small shops and supermarkets to small outlets, which make up the international chain of the 7/11 stores, a logical solution was to offer millions of attendees related services, including online casinos that use this method of depositing funds.

This deposit-system offers its users to make instant transfers, payments, to conduct automatic exchange of money and to create massive transactions. Considering the fact that the company’s branches are also located in many airports and hotels, this decision was successful.

Let us look at the deposit method’s advantages:

  • Operations of transferring cash are carried out through MasterCard;
  • Large banks of Asia, America and Canada cooperate with the company. Therefore, with the help of this service, customers can easily make any transaction, and also replenish accounts with online casinos;
  • The company is responsible for the security of electronic payments, and all its partners have an excellent reputation in the virtual banking market and pay great attention to security issues;
  • The “7- Eleven” corporation provides customers with fast and comfortable access to the payment service. In addition, it offers professional 24-hour support that solves any of your issues.


Among the shortcomings of this deposit method, we can identify a long process of registration. Often it takes more time than other services. It is also worth noting that some payments may be delayed. This is due to a large number of customers.


Today, in many countries of the Southern Hemisphere, replenishing accounts in online casinos with 7-eleven is one of the most popular deposit methods. This is also due to the fact that in the 7/11 stores, in addition to ATMs, there are specially equipped places with computer tables and round the clock access to the Internet. As you can see, it is available for everyone!

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