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Ugandan shillings Currency Online Casinos

Uganda is not that rich and developed country. Only 16% of people who live in the country have an access to the Internet and this is actually a great problem for the development of the gambling market, as not many people simply can open an online casino website and start gambling, making bets in Ugandan shillings. However, those 16 % who have an opportunity to use the Internet can gamble online easily even despite the fact that the government of the country is trying to regulate an access to online casinos to protect gamblers from cheating and money loss.

Taking into account that banking systems are not that well-developed in the region, more and more players prefer gambling and making bets in international online casinos and use local online casinos less. According to the law, people in Uganda can easily gamble online and bet money in Ugandan shillings, but only on the website of an online casino that has a license and works legally, as there are many problems with illegal business in the region. This is why, the government of the country is trying to protect those people who want to join bright video slot games and make bets in Ugandan shillings currency and control the quality of those online casinos that local people usually choose for their gambling sessions.

Actually, Ugandan shillings are not that popular currency in the world and it can be met only in Uganda. The codification of Ugandan shillings is UGX. One Ugandan shilling is divided into 100 cents. The currency has no subunit at all. There are many both international and local online casinos that work on the market absolutely legally and can accept bets in Ugandan shillings currency. This is the reason why gamblers from all over the world can make bets in Ugandan shillings without any odd moves and get not only pleasure, but also profit from the gambling session.

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Most Popular Casinos with Ugandan Shillings Currency

There are many various online casinos with an opportunity to accept bets in Ugandan shillings currency. People can easily find two types of online casinos, just like international online casinos where it is possible to bet in many various currencies and Ugandan shillings as well, and local online casinos that can accept bets only in Ugandan shillings currency and are made especially for players from Uganda who want to join the brightest video slot games.

While choosing a high-quality online casino to bet money in Ugandan shillings, you have to pay attention to many details. For example, it is very important to check out whether the player can get an access to the smartest video slot games that were made by various Software developers or not. A high-quality online casino will give gamblers an opportunity to gamble with bright video slot machines, created by various Software companies that are presented on the gambling market.

Moreover, a really good online casino will present a truthful and reliable security system that will keep all private information about the gambler and about the gambling session in secret. After all, when we are talking about gambling with bets in local currencies, just like Ugandan shillings currency, it is important to remember about an opportunity of an online casino to support various deposit and withdrawal methods to allow gamblers making bets and getting money from a chosen online casino right in Ugandan shillings without any need to exchange money into US dollars or Euro.

In the list of those online casinos that can easily accept bets in Ugandan shillings currency we have to mention the following ones: Jackpot City, Thrills, BGO, Royal Vegas, House of Jack, Mongoose online casino, Slots Million, Raging Bulls and many others. Most of these online casinos are international and they can offer players to bet not only in the local currency, but also make bets in the most popular international currencies as well. All of these online casinos have a good reputation on the gambling market and can offer players the most profitable and the most comfortable conditions for the gambling session.

How to Deposit Ugandan Shillings

As well as gambling is allowed in the country, players can easily enjoy the best video slot machines with a good animation and high-quality interface, making bets in Ugandan shillings currency. However, there is one thing that gamblers should pay attention to before the very beginning of the gambling session – it is a possible deposit method.

There are many ways to send money in Ugandan shillings currency to a chosen online casino. For example, players can easily bet money in Ugandan shillings currency, making deposits with a wire bank transfer. This is the most trusted and the most reliable deposit method on the gambling market. Players have to come to a bank and as for the transaction. It will take them up to 1 business day and no fee. Moreover, this is the most reliable payment method as well as it is famous for quite a long time in the region and many people use it to send Ugandan shillings to a chosen online casino.

The second deposit method for gamblers from Uganda is to send money to the chosen gambling website in Ugandan shillings with the help of a third-party company. Neteller and Skrill are local favorites, as they offer quick, easy and free deposits in Ugandan shillings. Moreover, players may also use various payment companies to send Ugandan shillings right from a mobile phone, to pay with electronic cards or mobile applications, to send payment through an electronic wallet, etc.

The third deposit method that is available on the gambling market is to pay for chosen video slot games in Ugandan shillings currency with an electronic credit card of such a payment system as Paysafecard. It will take the gambler only several minutes to send money to the gambling website and this option will be absolutely free.

How to Withdraw Ugandan Shillings

Taking into account such a huge number of deposit methods, there are also many withdrawal methods for players who want to get payments from a chosen online casino in Ugandan shillings currency. Gamblers can easily use a wire bank transfer to get a reward from a chosen online casino in Ugandan shillings. It will take them from three to five business days and a 10% fee on the total amount of money.

Moreover, players also will be able to use the services of any third-party company that they like. There are many various offers on the market and gamblers can easily choose the one that they like the most to get a money withdrawal right in Ugandan shillings on the private bank account. This withdrawal method is usually cheaper and quicker than a wire bank transfer.


Gambling in a local currency is much more profitable than betting international currencies and exchanging money, loosing on the exchange rate. This is not the only reason why more and more players from all over the world keep on gambling with Ugandan shillings and other local currencies – it is a great opportunity to get both profit and pleasure from the gambling session.

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