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Philippine peso has long been the national currency of the Philippines. One peso is equal to 100 centavos or sentimos, this country was previously a colony of the US, which influenced the name of the currency. Considering the modern name of the peso, used many years ago until 1967, now it will be correct to speak piso. A peso sign can be written in this way, PHP, Php, PhP, P, now there is a unique stake that can be accessed using the U + 20B1 keys.

Originally, back in the 16th century, the Spaniards took their currency to the territory of the present Philippines. It was a silver coin called salapi, in translation it meant money. Later, when the Spanish Empire was created, peso appeared. It was divided into reales in the amount of 8, namely, 4 quarts. Coins in Spain quickly split, and therefore, the currency was mixed. To correct the situation, a decimal system was introduced in 1857 by Isabel.

In 1861 the silver of Mexican and South-Middle American was still popular. After the colonization of the United States of America, the currency was established under the name of a gold peso, where there were more than 12 grams of gold, and it was equated to half a dollar. 1935 was marked by the unification of the Philippines and the US, the creation of a commonwealth, instead of a weapon on the reverse side, a coat of arms appeared. An eagle whose wings are pointed is depicted on it, and it sits on a shield where it is written “Commonwealth of the Philippines”.

Banknotes issued in 2001 as well as coins dating from 1993 are in circulation, the obverse is decorated with the name of the state, face value, the year of issue, and the symbol of the mint, where they are minted. The coins depict such figures as Emilio Agenaldo, Andres Bonifacio, Apolinario Mabini. On the reverse side, a logo as well as the name of the Philippine Bank is displayed. At the moment, the currency of the Philippine peso does not have stability, but is constantly up in the air, which is caused by inflation.

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Most popular casino with Philippine pesos

In the Philippines, you can easily play in an online casino not only on a smartphone or a tablet, but also in an Internet cafe. Every such institution has a legal license and good experienced developers, thanks to whom you can have a good time, and win prizes. All sites are popular, they have lots of bonuses, promotional offers, and they accept deposits using the Skrill payment system. Here are such famous sites as Jackpot City,, and also,

In the country, gambling is legal, but online casino is subject to other laws and players can also gamble on offshore sites. Jackpot city, this is a great site where you will become a traveler in the city of entertainment. And here you can play not only online slots, but also roulette and blackjack. There are more than 300 pieces of games collected, and all of them are interesting and give real winnings. There are thematic and classic slots, as well as even ones with blockbuster stories. Here you will find yourself among adventures, interesting games, intricate stories, good animation, beautiful design, and unique themes. After all, you can be among the most colorful and familiar characters from movies, TV shows or cartoons. The most famous are the Bachelorette Party in Vegas, Terminator 2, Game of Thrones, The Dark Knight.

Another online casino company called Thrills Casino features games in innovative design. The content is developed by Net Entertainment for your entertainment, offering good prizes and being safe. The next online casino with the name Mongoose Casino is named in this way because of the Buddhist belief that the animal mongoose brings wealth, luck and prosperity. But most importantly, playing here is really safe, and brings a lot of winnings and bonuses. After all, the content here is created by such companies as Microgaming, Saucify, Play’n Go, Playtech that have an ideal reputation and many years of experience.

How to deposit Philippine pesos

Methods for depositing Philippine peso are all safe and in demand, they are debit or prepaid cards, such as Visa or Mastercard. Also widely used electronic wallets Skrill and cash voucher Paysafecard are in demand. In addition, you can use Trustly that works like Skrill.

By the way, making deposits, you can exchange currency, depending on which one you want to enter. Deposits are most often sent within 24 hours, because there are many checks to avoid mistakes. Money transfers are also used. However, this method is used infrequently, because it is much easier and faster to transfer money through the card. The minimum deposits in Philippine pesos are from 1,300 pesos, and the maximum is up to 25,000.

How to Withdraw Philippine peso

The withdrawal of funds from a casino site is one of the most important aspects in the game. The withdrawal of money should be simple, so each site has its own methods. If you have a certain number of bonuses, the withdrawal of funds is more complicated.

The most popular methods of withdrawals are as follows: withdrawals using crypto currency, Western Union transfers, electronic purses. A good variant of crypto currency is that the player does not need to lose part of his or her winnings as commissions, and the amount can be received soon after the request. Electronic wallets are also convenient to use, because anonymous withdrawal of funds are possible, as well as the speed of transfer without entering the card number pleases. But when you withdraw using e-wallets, a fee is charged in the form of a commission, Skrill and Neteller are the most widely used.

It is also possible to use courier delivery of money, but it is longer. The drawback is that sending and processing checks takes time.

Conclusion or verdict for this currency

Now sum up, in the Philippines online gambling is legal, so many such establishments use Philippine peso. This currency, up to the present, is unstable, being still influenced by the US dollar and the euro. The most popular casinos that use Philippine peso are listed above, with all the features are indicated.

To enter and withdraw funds, there are a lot of ways, from electronic wallets to courier transfers, but on each site of the casino, there is a certain amount of bonuses, conditions that help to play, and also restrictions in games. You can withdraw funds using a variety of methods, this makes it possible to quickly and without problems get your winnings. Now you can play a lot, because so many ways to get a win and a lot of extra bonuses make leisure more fun.

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