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New Taiwan dollars Currency Online Casinos

There are a lot of various currencies that can be used for gambling, and New Taiwan Dollars hold top positions among them. Of course, they are not as popular as Euro or USD, however, New Taiwan Dollars are famous and used not only within The Republic of China, but also abroad, and their current rate is rather fair and stable, which makes them really a nice pick for those who want to start gambling and have some spare currency to spend.

In this review, you will find a full list of the most popular online casinos where New Taiwan Dollars can be spent as one of the main gambling currencies. Along with that, you will find here all the pros and cons of those casinos, as well as most used deposit and withdrawal methods for New Taiwan Dollars.

Needless to say, if you by any chance are in Taiwan, you can visit any local casino there and spend some New Taiwan Dollars in cash during any game you like, and receive it back after the gambling session ends.

Thus, prepare some spare currency and be ready to check all the modern and totally legal online casinos all around the world where New Taiwan Dollars can be used for long and entertaining gambling sessions.

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Online Casinos that Accept New Taiwan Dollars

Among the most popular online casinos that accept New Taiwan Dollars, the first place that you should definitely visit is the Slots Million Casino platform. Here you may find everything you need for a long and comfortable playthrough. On top of that, here you can receive a $100 welcome bonus along with 100 additional free spins that can work out as a good starter for your first gambling session. If that is not enough, Slots Million Casino hosts more than one thousand various slots and, moreover, some of them can be played even within virtual reality, if, by any chance, you have an Oculus Rift set.

Another online casino you should also visit is called House of Jack, and here you will find all the things any gambler might want. To begin with, here you can receive a welcome offer of $450 up to 100 free spins without any additional wager for them. The second good point here is the mobile platforms support. Another plus is an option to play not only slot games, yet, some Video Poker games, as well as Blackjack and Roulette, which also adds some variety to the overall gambling process. If that is not enough, it is good to know that House of Jack does not set any withdrawal limits, which means you can take as much of your winnings as you wish, even right after the first playthrough.

The next online gambling platform that is worth your attention is Raging Bull. From the very beginning, there is a %350 bonus, which is more than a warm welcome for any newcomer. Another good point is an option to retrieve 50 free spins for the first playthrough in order to raise your chances and gain more profit. Along with that, there are several ways of depositing and withdrawing, which may come in handy if you would like to choose a particular method to top up your online casino account with some New Taiwan Dollars.

Another service that you should definitely check is Casino-Mate, and here everything is done only for the sake of players. As for welcome bonus offers, here you may receive up to $1400 and 80 free spins just for being registered and after the first deposit is made. Along with that, Casino-Mate offers a big set of various progressive jackpots, which can really help you to raise the overall amount New Taiwan Dollars for further sessions. Moreover, Casino-Mate supports mobile devices and can be run as a full-scale gambling platform with all the features of the online one at place.

And the last but not the least online casino in the top list is Dunder and it will not disappoint you by any means. Here you can receive up to $600 as a welcome bonus offer and 200 additional free spins for the first playthrough. Along with that, Dunder online casino gives away some additional promotions if you would like to continue gambling with it. On top of that, you may find here more than six hundred various slots to play, and most of them are accessible from both PC and mobile devices, which is also absolutely great.

New Taiwan Dollars Deposit Methods

Here almost all possible well-known deposit methods are allowed, as New Taiwan Dollars are famous and accepted all over the world.

Yet, if to talk about the best choice, it will be good to use such a payment processor as Skrill. It not only works with Oriental currencies, including New Taiwan Dollars, yet, this service is supported almost by every modern online casino world-wide. Transactions made through Skrill are fast, and it might take no more than one hour to see your online casino account topped up with New Taiwan Dollars that you are ready to spend.

Another stable method is to deposit through your actual banking account where New Taiwan Dollars can be stored and managed freely in any way you like. This may be a good option in any case you like, as everything is stable and secured and you are good with the fact that the transactions you are making will not be anonymous. Yet, if this is not acceptable for you, than you are still free to use Skrill that, in its turn, grants your anonymity all along the way.

New Taiwan Dollars Withdrawal Methods

Considering withdrawing, here all the methods are much like deposit ones, yet, some additional options are present.

From the start, New Taiwan Dollars can be always withdrawn from your online casino account as actual cash if you would like to ask for a direct bank transfer or cheque. Both options are present within all existing modern online casinos nowadays, and the same situation is with those platforms that were created in the last decade of the past millennium.

Along with these methods, you may also always receive USD or Euro instead, if the online casino you are playing at does not provide New Taiwan Dollars during payout stage. In this case, it is totally up to you to convert an obtained currency into yours, or to leave it as it was received for any other business.

And, again, you can always use Skrill for both deposit and withdrawal stages of your New Taiwan Dollars in any amount you like, as the withdrawal limit depends only on the online casino policy you are currently playing at.

As for the last but not the least option, here you can always use your actual banking account and ask the online casino customer service to send your winnings directly there either to that account, or to your credit card in use. This may not be the best way if you would like to save your anonymity, yet, using your banking account is among the most secure and confident ways of internet transactions nowadays.


To draw a finish line, it is safe to say that New Taiwan Dollars are really among the best gambling currencies up to date in 2018. There are a lot of online casinos where you can use them without conversion into any other currency in order to deposit them to your account. Along with that, you can always find not only Skrill, yet, much more other payment processors that may help you with transactions both into and out of your casino account.

Thus, feel free to prepare your New Taiwan Dollars, choose any casino you like the most and may the luck be with you.

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