Monero Currency Online Casinos

If to talk about gambling business, anonymity is important, and it is really hard to argue with such a statement. Thus, since the current age is the age of information where most processes are done online, cryptocurrencies are a common resource for various payments and transactions.
What is good about Monero and what differs it from Bitcoin and other similar cryptocurrencies is the fact that all transactions done with it are performed with absolute anonymity with no option to track down either a sender or a receiver.
Created in 2014, Monero cryptocurrency quickly gained its popularity due to the usage of Proof of work algorithm, which is different from Bitcoin and provides much better level of safety and protection. Besides, due to its nature, Monero cryptocurrency quickly became one of the most used gambling currencies for online casinos all around the world.
In this review, a full list of top ten online platforms where you can use Monero will be provided, with all pros and cons of the listed services. Along with that, here you will find the most suitable way to deposit and withdraw Monero into and from your online casino accounts. Thus, now it is time to check them all.

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Online Casinos that Accept Monero

The first online casino in the full top list is Crypto-Games. The main feature here is the number of various tabletop games and online slot machines. Along with that, this online casino offers its newcomers a plenty of payment options that include almost all well-known cryptocurrencies along with Monero.
The second online gambling platform that is definitely worth your attention is Betcoin. From the start, this online casino is created especially to support Monero, and here this cryptocurrency is the main resource you can use. Along with that, Betcoin also gives you a welcome bonus of 10 free spins and 40 XMR for more engaging playthrough.
The next real-money gambling platform you should check is MoneroDice. This particular platform was created by the Monero developers themselves, and it is the first online casino that supports this cryptocurrency. Safety and anonymity are granted here.
Another online casino that is worth both your time and investments is LuckyGames. Firstly, you can play games here without any registration. Secondly, not only Monero, but also other cryptocurrencies are also accepted here. And, as for the last but not the least benefit, this online casino is devoted only to cryptocurrencies, which means here you have some opportunities to get more of them avoiding mining.
Along with listed the ones, you should also visit such a resource as 999Dice. As you can tell from its name, the only game you can play here is Dice. Moreover, this platform is fair and accepts cryptocurrencies only. The only minus of the platform is the necessity to read the user manual on how to play this particular Dice game in order to avoid any technical issues during the process.
In addition, you should definitely check such a platform as FortuneJack. As the most part of other casinos listed here, this gambling platform accepts payments only in cryptocurrencies, such as Monero, Bitcoin and some few more. Along with that, it provides a small welcome bonus and gives fair winning chances to its players.
Needless to forget such a service as Safedice. It not only requires no additional download or registration, yet, this platform allows to choose the cryptocurrency you would like to use right from the start, and Monero is in the list. As for games, here you can play Dice only, yet, winning chances are high and the interface is user-friendly. By the way, it requires less technical knowledge than 999Dice, which makes it more interesting and comfortable for newcomers.

Monero Deposit Methods

As you could already understand, Monero is a cryptocurrency, which means that classic and well-known deposit methods are not applicable for it. Instead, you will require some technical knowledge and user guides in order to setup your own Monero wallet on your PC and connect it via Monero domain to Monero network in order to make it work.
All the required steps for this operations are already provided at the Monero official web-site where you can find all the step-by-step instructions on how to create and manage your own Monero e-wallet, as well as all the basic commands that will help you on the way.
As for general actions, the first thing you should know here is the public Monero e-wallet ID of an online casino to where you would like to send your funds.
Once the public e-wallet ID is gained, it will be required to send the preferable amount of funds to your online casino account and wait for at least 20 minutes until the transaction is done.
Right after that, the online casino you are playing at might ask you about transaction confirmation, which can be also done with the help of specific commands.
After the funds are sent, the confirmation is received and the required amount of Monero are at your online casino account, you can proceed to games themselves.

Monero Withdrawal Methods

As for withdrawal methods, here everything is the same. There is no way to use standard e-wallets, banking accounts or credit cards in order to receive Monero there. Along with that, it will be hardly possible to make any existed currently payment processor to work with Monero transactions.
Thus, in order to receive your winning cash in Monero, it is required to provide your Monero e-wallet public ID to the casino you are playing at and state the sum you would like to receive.
Along with that, in order to check the source from which the payment was sent, it will be required to attach the payment ID to your e-wallet number. Also, there is no need to worry, since all the technical details on how to make all these steps are provided in appropriate guidelines and can be always confirmed both with Monero support and the online casino customer care center via chat or e-mail, or even during phone conversation.
After all the steps are done and transaction is confirmed, just wait for approximately 20 minutes, and your Monero coins will be with you.


To draw a finish line, the Monero cryptocurrency may not be the best pick for everyone, since the usage of cryptocurrency requires some technical skills, and it is not the most popular on the market, yet, still, it is among top 10 cryptocurrencies all around the world and was made especially for gambling business in particular.
The fact mentioned above, its proof of work algorithm, and overall anonymity makes Monero both good and reliable for those who like gambling and do not want to disclose their actual details. Along with that, all the necessary tools can be setup within half an hour.
Moreover, Monero currently has a rather fair course that grants huge opportunities to those who never heard about it and now decided to try it out.
Along with that, due to this technology, the currency is almost limitless and can be collected even after the first emission is completed, which also brings benefits in upcoming perspective.
Thus, to sum everything up, Monero is still among the list of favorites, for both online real-money gambling and for your own business and purposes.