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The modern world is changing quickly and sometimes we can’t even watch after the changes that are happening to us in our modernity. This actually refers not only to the social life and to the development of cities. We are talking about the financial market, the market of currencies that is developing so fast that we can hardly notice. For example, yet in 2011 an ordinary worker of Google made Litecoin currency that is a cryptocurrency and appears being the best one on the crypto market. So, why is Litecoin that great and what is the specific of this super coin of the next generation?

First of all, it has a very short mining period and can be generated five times quicker that Bitcoin. To pass a mining process, Bitcoin needs 10 minutes, while Litecoin requires only 2 minutes. Furthermore, Litecoin is not only faster than Bitcoin, it is also more popular. There are over 80 million Litecoins nowadays, while there are only 20 million Bitcoins issued on the market till the present moment. This peer-to-peer currency has one more specific. For example, it is absolutely centralized. Actually, the most interesting thing about cryptocurrencies is that they don’t depend on a certain bank, they all are just about users and the network. That is why only the number people who actually use Litecoin and the ones who use the network defines the price of the coin at all. And such a centralization of the currency is the reason why we can really call it a smart one. Just as well as it really doesn’t need any gold or connection with a banking system to be available and to have some price on the market at all.

Litecoin is a currency of the next generation. Created in 2011, it is still popular on the gambling market. The codification of Litecoin is LTC. Charles Lee, who was the author of this currency, wrote it in the C++ language and it has the MIT license. To make the currency secure, there is a cryptographical method used. Actually, cryptocurrencies hardly can be called local or national ones. This is an international currency of a new generation and it soon can replace US dollars and Euro as well. Litecoin is always anon and safe to use just because you need no third-party company to increase the level of security while using this currency. You just can be sure that no one will find out a thing about the transaction with the use of this currency or about goods and services that you have bought with it.

The security system of the currency itself is several times better than the security system of online casino or any other deposit or withdrawal method. Using Litecoin is easy in use, so you may buy anything, anywhere you want with this currency, simply use it with your electronic service and money will be transferred to a chosen online casino or to a shop, where you were going to buy something with Litecoin.

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Bet365 Casino

T&C's Apply
100% Up To $440
1x2Gaming, 2 By 2 Gaming, 21GNET
Deposit Methods
Restricted Countries
Bermuda, Bhutan, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Cook Islands
Live Chat
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Bitcoin Penguin Casino

T&C's Apply
100% Up To 0.2 BTC + 30 FS
Belatra, Betsoft, BGAMING
Deposit Methods
Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Litecoin
Live Chat
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Most Popular Casinos with Litecoin Currency

Gambling with Litecoin is very popular. The reason for such a high demand on the currency is simple to explain. First of all, not in all countries gambling is allowed and cryptocurrencies, just like Litecoin, can help people find out a way to play for most favorite video slot games without any limits. Litecoin can be used to gamble easily and many online casinos support this currency as well. However, the main reason why Litecoin is well demanded and loved in the world of gambling is that such great companies that own cryptocurrencies usually open their payment systems to offer the gambler deposit and withdrawal services.

Actually, the specific of the cryptocurrency is that it doesn’t need to be connected to a bank. Therefore, you can’t use any services like bank or credit card to send money to an online casino, and that is why such companies usually have their own online casinos to make a gambling session not only interesting, but also comfortable for players. Smart online casinos will help you in sending money in Litecoin currency to a casino website quickly using no other services.

Moreover, you will be able to find out the newest and the smartest video slot games on the website of such a cool online casino. These online casinos are often a step ahead and that is why many players prefer gambling with cryptocurrencies to gambling with traditional international currencies, as such a gambling session will be full of colors and new experience for the player. At the same time, not only smart online casinos can support payments in Litecoin currency. There are also many traditional online casinos that can accept payments in cryptocurrencies, just like Litecoin. And it is not complicated to find them. Buy the way, it will be not that comfortable betting and getting money from online casinos in Litecoin currency if you play with an ordinary gambling website.

However, for many players, it will be even more useful than gambling with a website where only cryptocurrencies can be accepted. In the list of those online casinos, where players may easily bet Litecoin and get money from the game in Litecoin currency as well, we have to mention the following ones: BitStarz (this online casino gained the status of the best gaming website of the 2017 year, and this is the reason why we can recommend you gambling with it), Bob, Champagne Spins, BetChain, 1xBet, Mbit, CryptoWild, Anonymous, Bitcoin Penguin, FotuneJack, Mars, 7Bit, Casino Evolution and Fun-Casino.

How to Deposit Litecoin Ringgits

As we have already mentioned, cryptocurrencies have their own specific and they actually can’t be linked to a bank or to an official bank account that can be regulated and used with debit or credit card. Cryptocurrencies can be sent to an online casino only with the help of third-party companies or just the Litecoin Company that created the currency itself. It is easy to exchange Litecoin or exchange any other currency into Litecoin anywhere you want. But still, you can’t use any bank services to send it to an online casino. To deposit in Litecoin, use only recommended services on the website of a chosen online casino.

How to Withdraw Litecoin

The same situation we have with withdrawal methods. There is no wire bank transaction or payment through the bill in the list of available services for players who want to pay for bright video slot games with Litecoin currency. You may use only third-party companies to send money in Litecoins or you may just use the support system of the company itself.

However, the best solution for the player who wants to make bets in Litecoin will be to use those withdrawal services that are recommended on the website of an online casino. Smart casinos usually can send money directly to you in this currency as well as you may simply send money right to an online casino with no third companies involved.


Gambling with Litecoin is always safe and interesting. No one will ever find out a thing about the transaction, as the security system of the company is higher than any other security system in the world. Gamble with Litecoin and earn a fortune quickly!

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