Iraqi dinars Currency Online Casinos

There are several problems that make it complicated to develop the gambling sphere in Iraq and that determine actually an absence of online casinos that can support Iraq gamblers who want to bet in Iraqi dinars. First of all, Iraq appears being an extremely unstable country. Moreover, a long crisis and a high level of terrorism also cause some troubles with gambling in this country. There are not many countries in the world that want to co-work with Iraq and risk with their money and reputation accepting Iraqi dinars. According to the International Terrorism Rate, Iraq appears being in the first position in the world and this is actually one more reason why many companies are simply afraid of gambling with Iraqi dinars accepted. However, this is not the full list of reasons why it is complicated to find at least one online casino that can support the Iraqi currency. The reason is that laws in the country haven`t changed since the 1969 year, when gambling was forbidden and those who wanted to enjoy bright online casino games, simply could get a fine or just get to a prison. Nowadays, this rule is still working and gamblers still can be penalized or just become imprisoned for spinning reels with bright video slot games. This is actually why not many people risk gambling in the country. Nevertheless, it is illegal only for local online casinos to offer players to gamble with online casino games. At the same time, those people who appeared being residents of other countries have a right to open internet casinos in the country. Now, not may online casinos can offer local gamblers to gamble with Iraqi dinar currency. The symbol of Iraqi dinars is د.ع. And the codification is IQD. This is an old currency that was introduced into the world a long time ago and that is why there is no subunit for it.

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Most Popular Casino with Iraqi Dinars Currency

As we have already mentioned, it is hard to find at least one online casino that can accept gambling with Iraqi dinars. Just because it is not that popular currency on the gambling market, so in the world, it can be used only in Iraq. However, some online casinos that follow international politics, still can offer players to gamble on the websites of online casinos betting Iraqi dinars. For those players who want to bet Iraqi dinars, 1xbet online casino can offer extra comfortable conditions. For example, players can easily enter the online casino from any point of the world and bet Iraqi dinars without a money exchange. Of course, sometimes, betting local currency is not that comfortable, just as you won’t have an opportunity to choose among many different bright online casinos and you will have to gamble only with those online casinos that can support Iraqi dinars and offer players to gamble using this currency. In addition, the less online casinos with Iraqi dinars you will be able to find, the less video slot games you will be able to play. By the way, you won’t have an opportunity to choose among different online casinos and different Software developers. Moreover, you won’t be able to choose different deposit and withdrawal methods, as not many online casinos can support all deposit and withdrawal methods that offer to gamble with Iraqi dinars. However, playing without exchanging money can be great. Just because you won’t lose money on the exchange and you won’t have to count them. 1xbet online casino is a great gambling establishment, as it has more than 2000 video slot games in the gallery and can offer players to gamble with high-quality security systems that encrypt private information and will keep all data about the gambling session absolutely anon. No one will ever find out a thing about the gambling session that you played with Iraqi dinars.

How to Deposit Iraqi Dinars

There are many deposit methods that players may use to send money to online casinos in Iraqi dinars. There is no need to exchange money before the very beginning of the gambling session, as you will be able to use three various deposit methods to gamble right in a local currency, just like Iraqi dinars. The first and the most popular deposit method to gamble in Iraqi dinars is to send money to an online casino via the bank. By the way, this is not the most popular deposit method in Iraq, as there is a low level of trust from the side of residents of the country to banking systems because of the long economic crisis and bad political situation. However, this is a trusted deposit method that will allow you never worry about the security of your private information. It will take you up to one business day until the transaction will be complete. Moreover, you will have to pay some fee for the transaction. It will be not that high, but still, this procedure won’t be free. The second deposit method that is available for gamblers from Iraq is depositing with credit or debit card from Visa, MasterCard or Maestro companies. These three companies are supported by all online casinos and can allow you send money in Iraqi dinars to any online casino that you like. This payment method is free for users. You won’t have to pay a fee on the transaction and can quickly send money whenever you need. It will take you only several minutes to make a deposit, as well as to send Iraqi dinars to an online casino, you just have to enter a mobile application of your bank or go to an ATM-machine. Paying in Iraqi dinars can be not only profitable but also comfortable! Third-party companies at the same time can offer players to send money right from their mobile phones without any additional information needed. You may just link your phone number to the account in the payment system and easily complete a transaction. Moreover, you also can quickly send money using electronic bills only. Such deposit methods are free usually and they can offer gamblers various payment methods to see a quick result – it will take them only several minutes to get a transaction completed.

How to Withdraw with Iraqi Dinars

Considering that there are many deposit methods, players also can see many different withdrawal methods available to them. The first and the most trusted way to get money from online casinos right in Iraqi dinars is to use a wire bank transfer. It will take users from three to five business days to get a money transfer from an online casino to their private bank account. Of course, players will have to pay a 10% fee on the transaction, but still, they will be sure that nothing will happen to their private information! The second withdrawal method is a participation of third-party companies in a transaction. Players who want to get Iraqi dinars from an online casino can just turn to a third-party company and ask for a withdrawal. These transactions usually take from one hour to three business days and appear being absolutely free or extremely cheap.


Gambling in local currency, just like Iraqi dinars, is not always comfortable, but still, it is more profitable than to exchange money from Iraqi dinars to US dollars or Euro. Just enter your favorite online casino and bet Iraqi dinars for the gambling session!