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Icelandic krónur is an official currency of Iceland that can be used and can be found only in Iceland and nowhere else in the world. Icelandic krónur has the ISK codification, while the symbol of Icelandic krónur is KR. This currency appeared in the world yet in 1984 and became a kind of rebranded Old Icelandic krona. With the change of a political regime, the government of Iceland decided to make a denomination and introduced a new currency to the market.

Nowadays, this currency is not that popular but well-known all over the world and on the gambling market, especially as well as people from Iceland are famous for their love for gambling. They usually like spinning reels of bright online video slot games and joining high-quality slot machines to earn some cash and get a real pleasure from an online gambling session!

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Most Popular Casino with Icelandic Krónur Currency

Gambling in Iceland is legal. Many people keep on spinning reels with the most favorite online video slot games, getting both pleasure and money from gambling sessions. However, while playing with high-quality online casinos, it is not comfortable to exchange money all the time. Icelandic krónur is widely used in the gambling market and many players like making bets in this currency. Therefore, It is not complicated to find out an online casino with Icelandic krónur currency accepted.

In the list of possible online casinos to gamble with Icelandic krónur, we have to mention the following ones: Bet365 online casino, Vegas Bet365 online casino, Betfred online casino, 1xSlots online casino, 1xBet online casino, 22bet online casino and others. Almost all casinos in the list refer to the international networks of gambling establishments and usually offer players from all over the world to bet using their local currencies.

Besides, some of these casinos also accept bets made in cryptocurrencies. You don’t have to worry about the security of your private information. All of these casinos offer the smartest security systems for gamblers that will protect individual data and information about the gambling session. Moreover, you will be able to see a great gallery of video slot games that are made by the best software companies. These slots will make gambling not only profitable but also interesting and exciting – check it out!

How to Deposit Icelandic Krónur

The well-developed banking system in Iceland lets people easily gamble in any online casinos of the world, making money deposits in Icelandic krónur currency. You may bet Icelandic krónur without any complicated moves and get access to bright video slot games quickly. There are many deposit methods available for people who want to gamble not exchanging money from Icelandic krónur to some other currency.

The first deposit method that is widely used in the world of gambling is a wire bank transfer. People usually trust checked deposit methods the most. That is why people in Iceland often use exactly this deposit method to pay for video slot games in online casinos in Icelandic krónur. To deposit, you have to come to the bank office and give some information about the bank account of the transfer recipient. After the bank received all the needed information, you will get a quick result. It will take you up to one business day to get a transaction in Icelandic krónur completed. This is not the fastest deposit method of all existing, but it is checked by the time and many users. Therefore, people prefer sending money to online casinos in Icelandic krónur using precisely this method. The second variant for payment in Icelandic krónur currency for smart users is that you may easily use services of third-party companies. There is nothing complicated in sending Icelandic krónur to the bank account of an online casino with Click2Pay, Maestro, Skrill, Money Bookers, and other payment systems. First of all, such a transaction will be free for you, and you won’t have to pay some fee at all!

Moreover, there is nothing complicated in work with the system, as you will be able to use it without any complicated registration. Just open a website of the payment system and start working with it. There is no need to keep a credit card with you all the time or fill in private information on the page of the payment company application. Some services allow players sending money right from their phone number. Other companies can even let gamblers use an electronic bill to pay for bright video slot games in Icelandic krónur currency. However, this is not the last deposit method that is available for gamblers.

One more method to send Icelandic krónur to the chosen online casino is to use your own credit card. It will take you only several minutes to complete such a transaction. Moreover, you will never have to pay any fee for the transaction while using this deposit method. Send a needed amount of Icelandic krónur to the bank account of an online casino through a mobile application and start gambling with bright and colorful video slot games!

How to Withdraw with Icelandic Krónur

As it was mentioned above, there are many deposit methods available for gamblers from Iceland, who want to pay for games in online casinos using Icelandic krónur currency. The withdrawal methods that can allow players to get money in Icelandic krónur from online casinos quickly are also represented in a wide variety. The first and the most popular withdrawal method is to ask for a bank wire transfer in Icelandic krónur. In the case of choosing this method, you have to come to the bank and give all the necessary information about the transaction. It will take you three business days only to wait until the transaction is complete.

Moreover, you will have to pay a 10% fee for withdrawal. But still, this is a popular withdrawal method in Iceland, as the local banking system has a high trust from people who usually pay for online casino games in Icelandic krónur currency. The second withdrawal method is a third-party company. The same companies that offer to make deposits in Icelandic krónur currency also offer players to get money from online casinos in Icelandic krónur currency quickly. These withdrawals are usually free and take you only several minutes to be completed. It is much faster and more profitable than using a wire bank transfer for Icelandic krónur transactions.


There is a new trend in the world of gambling. More and more players prefer betting their local currencies, just like Icelandic krónur, as it is more comfortable and you don’t have to count money all the time. Gambling in Icelandic krónur is not complicated because many gaming developers offer players to make deposits in Icelandic krónur on the websites of online casinos.

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