Costa Rican colóns Currency Online Casinos

Costa Rican Colóns is an official currency of Costa Rica that has a magnificent history. Colóns were named after Christopher Columbus who is known as Christopher Colon in Spanish. As the national hero of Costa Rica, Columbus means a lot for the nation and the country at all, so Colóns is not only named after him, but also represents his image. Costa Rican Colóns is coded as CRC. Colóns is a local small currency that refers to the dollar currencies, as US dollar is a super unit of Costa Rican Colóns. The symbol of Costa Rican Colóns is ₡. As a really small local currency, Costa Rican Colóns can be found only in Costa Rica and they are issued by only one bank in the world that is a Central Bank of the country. In other countries, Colóns is not used and actually not many people know about it, keep on thinking that dollar is an official currency in Costa Rica. Gambling is widely popular in Costa Rica. This is the land of games, poker and casinos. Casino life started here even earlier than in Europe, so visitors of the country will be able to see the best casinos and join playing blackjack or slots in famous gambling establishments that are standing in Costa Rica for decades. All gambling business in Costa Rica is absolutely legal and people can feel themselves free, spinning reels with bright video slot machines! Despite the fact that people in the country can find many casinos and other adventures connected with gambling sphere, paying with the use Costa Rican Colóns is still not popular all over the world. Of course, many online casinos offer high-quality video slot games in Costa Rica, there are also placed many offline casinos that are not worse than ones placed in Paris, for example. However, it is popular to pay with international currencies in casinos usually, and this is the reason why payments with Costa Rican Colóns can become a problem for real. Many casinos are a part of the network and it happens rarely when they more often offer players to pay in dollars or euro. However, it is still possible to find out casinos with a wide gallery of slot machines and comfortable conditions for players that accept deposits and withdrawals made in Costa Rican Colóns.

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Most Popular Casino with Costa Rican Colón Currency

It is a new tradition on the gambling market to give players an opportunity to pay not in international currencies, but in local ones. For example, to pay in Costa Rican Colóns. Especially, it happens rarely when casinos accept payments made in the currency of not that big and influential country, but of a small, previously province country. Costa Rican Colóns as the currency to pay for slot machines and other casino games can be accepted in Slotobank Casino. This casino offers players video slot games made by 6 famous developers. In this list, we can find NetEnt, Microgaming and Betsoft Software companies. They are not only the most famous developers on the gambling market, but also almost the first ones and this is the reason why casinos usually offer players to try their bright video slot games. Slotobank Casino is well-known on the gambling market and loved by players because of many reasons. One of them is that it can allow gamblers to pay in Colóns and it makes the game more comfortable for many players. Apart of a possibility to pay for bright video slot games in Costa Rican Colóns, players also will be happy to find out that this casino introduces a smart security system that will keep all private information of players in secret. Moreover, it also accepts many variable deposit and withdrawal methods, which also makes a gambling session even easier!

How to Deposit Costa Rican Colóns

There are several deposit methods that are presented on the gambling market. This is quite an easy task actually to find out a deposit method that will be supported both by an online casino and will offer users to pay for games is Colóns. By the way, bank transfer is still one of the most well-known and comfortable deposit methods on the market. It is slow and quite expensive, as you will have to pay a fee on a transaction and wait up to three business days until Colóns will appear on your bank account. However, this is the most trusted and the most reliable way to pay for bright video slot games. To use this deposit method, simply come up to a bank and ask for a transfer. The second method is a payment via a credit card. Players can pay for slot machines using Visa or MasterCard cards. Simply enter a mobile application and send Colóns from your phone to the bank account of an online casino – it will be free and quickly – you will have to wait no longer than several minutes until Colóns will be delivered. One more way is to use services of third-party companies. There are many smart applications and programs that can allow people from all over the world to send Colóns to online casinos with no fee, in several seconds only, with no registration and no credit card data – you don’t even need to have this credit card at all to use some services! Many players are sure that this is the best way to pay for slot machines!

How to Withdraw with Costa Rican Colóns

Withdrawal operations in Colóns are complicated, as this is a local currency that is used only in one country of the world – in Costa Rica. However, players still may use several methods to withdraw money from an online casino to their private bank account. The first method is to use bank services – waiting for the transfer will take you from three and up to five business days and a 10% fee on a transaction, but it will be reliable and all casinos can support it. One more way is the use of third-party company’s services to withdraw Colóns. Such an operation will take users from one second up to three business days maximum. Moreover, it will be either cheaper or even absolutely free for players. E-wallets are one of ways to withdraw money on your private bank account – keep many different credit cards in different currencies in one wallet only and pay for anything you want easily.


Gambling and paying in Colóns is not always comfortable. It has its own advantages and disadvantages. First of all, gambling with such a payment method makes a choice of online casino more complicated, because not all online casinos can support such a payment method and keep on offering players to pay in dollars or euro. Secondly, as many online casinos are a part of the one company, they can’t have flexible conditions for players. And this is the reason why many gamblers keep on thinking that it is better to exchange money from Costa Rican Colóns into dollars. However, it is still possible to find a casino that will give gamblers an opportunity to pay for bright video slot games in Costa Rican Colóns and not to lose money on exchanging operations. After all, this is a personal choice of every gambler in which currency to pay for the game. Yes, local currencies are not that popular on the gambling market. Even if it is Costa Rican Colóns, and Costa Rica is the motherland of gambling. But sometimes it can be even better to gamble, paying in your native currency and stop counting Colóns during the gambling session.