Congolese francs Currency Online Casinos

The Democratic Republic of Congo became a part of the world of gambling not that long time ago – officially, the government allowed gambling only in 2005, as people started being extremely interested in this kind of time spending. The Republic of Congo is trying to attract investments in the sphere of gambling from all over the world. However, as the development of gambling industry started there not that long time ago, it is really hard to find online casinos that can allow players deposit and withdraw money in francs. However, we have found some useful information for you. First of all, it is important to mention that Congolese francs is a young currency. Congolese francs was introduced only in 1952 and is thought being a local currency – only people who live in Congo use it. Congolese francs is coded as CDF and has the abbreviation FC. Congolese francs is not popular in the world of big gambling and extremely small number of gambling establishments can allow people to play, betting money in francs. There are several ways what players can do: the first one is to exchange money into US dollars or Euro that are supported in all online casinos.

Most Popular Casino with Congolese Francs Currency

As we have already mentioned that there are not that many online casinos that are known worldwide and accept gambling with local currency, such as Congolese francs. One of those rare casinos where players can deposit and withdraw money in Congolese francs without exchanging them into US dollars is 1xBet Casino. It is not a surprise for players actually, as well as this is a worldwide gambling establishment that can allow players to gamble with their local currency, and the thing is not only in Congolese francs – there are many possible currencies to choose – seems like 1xBet Casino decided to keep a reputation of an international casino for a long time.

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There are also some local casinos that are placed in the Democratic Republic of Congo and they can offer players gambling and betting in francs, but they are too young and too small to be accepted by the professionals, and that is why we can hardly recommend them. While playing, it is important to choose only professional casinos, as it influences not only an opportunity to choose any video slot game from the bright gallery, but also deposit and withdrawal methods that are supported by a certain gambling establishment. Moreover, leading casinos introduce innovative security systems to help you protect your personal data and private information about the gambling session.

How to Deposit Congolese Francs

There are many ways to deposit francs to trusted online casinos that allow players to gamble with Congolese francs. The first way is to turn to the bank. Despite the fact that this is an old deposit method, it is still the most reliable one of all existing on the modern market. To ask for a deposit, you should simply come up to your bank and ask to make a money transfer in francs from your bank account to the bank account of an online casino. It will take some time (up to 3 business days) and you will have to pay a small fee for the transaction. The second way to make money deposit is to use a credit card. This is the most comfortable and the fastest deposit method. Players have to do nothing to transfer francs to the bank account of an online casino. It is needed to just enter a mobile application and send a needed sum to the bank account of a recipient. This operation is absolutely free and it will take you only several seconds to be completed. As well as almost all of us usually keep credit cards with us, it will not be a problem to use it. Moreover, you also may use an ATM-machine to send money wherever you need. However, this is not the last possible way to make a money deposit to an online casino. One more method is to use a third-party company’s services. The gambler may choose any third-party company and send money to the bank account of an online casino through the website or application of the company. There are many variable services that can allow players to never keep a credit card with themselves – pay right through a mobile phone or send money with no registration. You also may pay using bills and checks. However, it will be not that easy to find out a service that can allow you to pay in Congolese francs.

How to Withdraw with Congolese Francs

Withdrawals in Congolese francs are extra complicated to be made, as not many services may offer players to get money from online casinos in Congolese francs. Despite the fact that it is better and easier to exchange money into dollars and get a payment in this currency, those who want to play and withdraw winnings in Congolese francs can simply use e-wallets. This is a great opportunity, as players may keep different cards in different currencies in the wallet and pay for any goods they want to buy. One more method to get a money withdrawal is a bill from the casino that players can give to a bank office and get cash back for it! Moreover, gamblers also may use services of third-party companies. Many modern services can offer players to complete transactions in Congolese francs and gamble to their satisfaction, getting payments in the needed local currency. Comparing different methods, we have to mention that using bank services will be the most expensive and the slowest way – clients will have to wait from 3 and up to 5 business days until the money will be transferred on a bank account. Moreover, they will have to pay the highest fee for the transaction that will be 10% of the total sum. At the same time, making withdrawals with third-party companies will be both cheap, free and it will be quick. Your transaction will be completed immediately. And you will not have to wait for days until your money will appear on your account.


Gambling with francs is complicated. It is so because that is the local currency that is not popular all over the world, and only those people who live in the Democratic republic of Congo used to pay for different goods and services in francs. Despite the fact that it is hard to find casinos and deposit methods that will make paying for games in francs possible, players still can gamble with 1xBet Casino, for example, and use many variable deposit methods, just like third-party companies, bank transfers and credit cards. Withdrawals in Congolese francs will be complicated to complete, but still gamblers can use third-party companies that will be the cheapest and the fastest, while bank services appear being the most expensive and the slowest variant. In total, this is always more comfortable to gamble paying in the local currency, without a money exchange, as the player will not only save money, but also will get a real pleasure of gambling! But when we are talking about such a local currency as francs, it may be even better to exchange money because it will give players an opportunity not only to see a bigger gallery of bright video slot games, but also to choose among more casinos.