The Art of Games Slot Machines & Online Casinos

The Art of Games Slot Machines & Online Casinos

The Art of Games is the name of a well-known company that started its way at the begging of the 2010s as the developer of the casino soft for all platforms. Since then, it became a fast-growing online studio that showed the industry that it could deliver an appropriate product for a wide variety of users. Right from the beginning, The Art of Games knew that they want to do something more than just simple projects for gamers. That’s why they started working on their engine to make online casino unique and different from everything available.

The Art of Games released tons of online games that are represented with beautiful two-dimensional and three-dimensional graphics. Their projects are coded with the use of famous Flash technology to provide a decent animation on big platforms, such as Windows and Mac. However, the developers also worked with HTML 5 tech to make projects adaptive for smartphones and tablets. That’s right, The Art of Games is worrying about the accessibility of its online projects because the developers want to make only high-quality products that would be appreciated by all casino gamers around the world. There are no problems with playing those games and finding them on the web. To make it happen, The Art of Games developers sells the license for representing games on their online casino platform.

It doesn’t matter that The Art of Games was founded in 2013 because the original cast of the team of developers has been in the casino industry for more than twenty years. Thanks to the fast-growing popularity of online gaming, those programmers had a chance of creating their studio with an ability to develop new gambling products with stories and characters that have never been seen anywhere else.

People behind The Art of Games know a lot of things about how to get attention from online players. There are thousands of casino projects right now, and all of them are perfect in terms of the gaming process and visual representation. The manufacturers decided to make online casino games with some different approach to the process of development. Creators from The Art of Games know that they need to give players a lot of ways to pay for bets. Besides, they add free demo versions for all their products to show them off in the best possible way for all sorts of gamers.

Famous Games

The Art of Games would have been an ordinary studio if it did not make its casino games portable right from the start. However, those guys kept in touch with everything that was going on with the industry, and that’s why they started making their online products with HTML 5. Because of that, gamers with Android and iOS devices never had problems with playing them. They only needed standard web-browsers and nothing more.

There are products of The Art of Games that stand out of the crowd: Treasure Reed, Mystic Riches, Dragon Pearls, Dancing Lions and Ancient Gong. It is only a small selection of projects that the player can find online. Nevertheless, there are no problems with finding the full list of products on casino websites, like BitStarz Casino, Lapalingo Casino, and Golden Star Casino.

BitStarz Casino is the source for The Art of Games projects that has a 0-1 hour’s withdrawal time frame, a mobile-friendly interface, a live chat that is available all the time and a certificate of trust. The only drawback of this online site is the lack of phone support.

Lapalingo Casino is another example of where to find the library of The Art of Games products. It comes with a 0-18 hours’ withdrawal time frame, a mobile-friendly interface, a live chat feature, and it is proven to be fair. However, there is a small withdrawal fee, and a live online chat is available only for a short period. By the way, a large number of countries is restricted.

Something special

The Art of Games takes the process of making casino products very seriously. The developers don’t want to release a couple of online games every couple of months. They want to make it professionally. That’s why they not only provide a good visualization of every game but also work on characters and stories.

By looking at the library of The Art of Games casino projects, it is safe to say that they have a whole variety of themes for every online player. Most of them are based on some historical events, myths, or some movie plots.
Talking about features that the gamer can get by enjoying The Art of Games regularly – there are bonuses and special events provided by developers. It’s hard to find any other casino project that has such a wide variety of online offers, like this one.

More than that, The Art of Games is working on adding support for cryptocurrencies. It means that in the future, the player will be able to pay online for every bet in the casino with the power of Bitcoin Wallet instead of dollars or euros. It comes in handy on numerous occasions, but one thing about The Art of Games is clear – the developers have a good security system that will keep all private info over the gamer in secret. That is thanks to SSL encryption.


The Art of Games is one of the best examples of how to make modern casino games better than they have ever been. They only keep getting stronger by enrolling big-budget online products. Their reputation as game developers keeps getting better because of this fact. They are sort of veterans for the business. So to keep the reputation, the studio is working with the best designers, to make sure that all the games are going to look good on all platforms. It is safe to say that it is true – their online casino games are beautiful and stunning when it comes to visual experience.

It’s only the start because The Art of Games invests a lot of money into experiments with technologies to deliver some three-sixty-degree casino projects for VR glasses with online instant play feature. It’s interesting to find out how all this is going to look.

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