Tain Slot Machines & Online Casinos

Tain Slot Machines & Online Casinos

Tain is the kind of studio that dedicates a lot of power to create a powerful gaming platform. It is easy to say that this company is one of the oldest right now. But despite the big age, these guys were focused on delivering quality online casino projects right from the start in 1999. A lot of things have changed since then, but the developers stay true to their original spirit. The main office of Tain is established in Stockholm with some branches in Sliema, Malta.

Firstly, Tain worked a lot on all tools that the player could use to manage the content that would be shown online. There is something more than special effects and graphics that allow those casino projects to stand out of the crowd. Gaming is not just a word for these guys, as they know what fans expect from them, and they are trying to keep up with the expectations. It’s excellent work to develop games daily. However, the developers do their best to be on the same high level of quality, as always.

Even an official website of Tain is represented with the use of discreet colors. On this resource, the player can find the full list of casino projects that were developed with the power of this team. It is the main online source for the company`s products. But it is business, so there are no wonders why Tain sold a license to a couple of other online platforms to spread the selection of games among all users of the internet.

2013 is the year that changed the destiny of Tain as the casino studio. The developers decided to combine their power with another well-known developer, Betting Promotion. After this collaboration, the developers started to work not only on creating online desktop games but also on adapting them for mobile platforms. That’s why all of them can be played on portable gadgets, instead of computers only.

But it’s for gamers to decide whether Tain is worth to be mentioned as the legendary developer or not. There are millions of its fans on the planet, and they are waiting for more online games in the future. It’s a good fact for the Swedish developers because they always know that their casino audience is ready for getting some exciting updates over franchises they love.

What about the games?

There are six products that Tain is always working on. It is their platform for development, service software, sportsbook, casino, payment gateway, and extras. The platform is the project that Tain is proud to have.

The creators have more than fifteen years of experience. It helps to make Tain online casino games even more impressive than they could have been if it was a young and fresh firm. Besides, there is an integrated payment system in all of those projects, which helps to make bets a lot easier and understandable for newcomers. It makes sense because not all users are perfect in terms of understanding how to put money in a casino game to spin a couple of reels.

According to official statistic, Tain can handle up to fifteen transactions in a second. It has online support for both Visa and MasterCard. To produce strong protection, the casino system uses cryptographic algorithms with three-dimensional implementation. Such a dedication to the smallest details shows that the online casino gamer can always count on Tain when it comes to keeping personal data in secret.

Fifteen years on the market is the kind of experience that allows Tain to know a couple of things about trademarks and law. There are a lot of licenses for online products, and they are the only ones who can allow platform casino holders to represent products of the company on their resources. That’s why it is not hard to find the full list of Tain casino games on sites, like Titan Casino, Big5casino, BetSocial Casino and Betvuvu Casino.

Titan Casino online is a site with a big library of Tain projects. It has an instant-play feature, live dealer room, security that is SSL encrypted and it is proven fair by independent audits. The only drawback is that there is no support for phones.

Big5casino is the winner in the mobile-friendly design position. It represents Tain online games in the best possible way. There is a live online casino chat, easy navigation, and a beautiful user interface. However, there are also strict withdrawal times and a limit for non-VIP players, which makes it kind of sad to hear.

Is special?

Tain is a hard worker. That can be said by looking at two thousand online casino games in the portfolio. But it’s not only about quantity but also about quality. The company is always trying to surprise gamers by offering unique online casino events, bonuses, and all other kinds of promotions. If the player has a couple of credit/debit cards that need to be activated online in the game – it is possible to do that with the power of Tain wallet switcher. It’s a good thing to have in casino projects not to waste time on making bets.

Tain has already invested a lot of dollars on making its services run like clockwork. That’s why it’s so hard to find issues in the casino soft of the studio. They are working toe-to-toe with hundreds of testers from all countries to make sure that everything in their online engine is going to be fine. Besides, they increase the number of casinos that are allowed to represent their products. Years go by, but these guys never stop learning.


Tain is the kind of company that is trying to cover all possible ways of introducing its online games on the market. They are happy to see all casino fans that they can get in the process of doing their projects, and they never stop improving what they have already released. The online representation of games allows not only to try out projects for free, but it is also a good way for Tain to achieve attention from people of all countries and territories. It’s only a matter of time when they will become so big that no other firm will be able to stop them from creating new IP’s and presenting them on live television in prime time. It may sound like a dream plan, but who knows what can happen?

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